Truth be told, women are natural worriers! This is a good thing in many other aspect, but when it comes to TTC; this is a great disadvantage.

Few days ago, I received a call from Mrs. Q. (not. Real name)

She told me the exact following, “Sir! I have been trying to conceive and it is not happening!”

“OK, calm down!” I replied. I proceeded to ask her some questions, one of which is “what recent test she had done so far,” and it was at this point that I decided to write this post.

She got married November 2020, and by calculation, Mrs. Q is just 3 months old in her marriage.

Now, here is the thing.

As I rightly stated when I started this post,” Women are naturally worriers!” but before you can say there is something wrong…

You must have had unprotected sex for 12 months (1 year)

Meaning, there might not be any issue if

👉 You are newly wedded or you are not having enough sex for that 12 months.

Talking about not having enough sex; this could be as a result of

👉 You and your partner not living in the same state.

👉 The nature of your job or his job.

👉 The level of stress; which might contribute to getting tired when you get home. 

👉 Depending on how religious the couples are, it could be for other religious purposes like fasting, abstaining from copulation etc

So if any of these is in place, then you would need to work on timing your sexual activities so it can fall to periods you are ovulating or just a few days after your period!

Worrying can place undue stress on you, which most times could cause your body to produce excessive stress hormones (cortisol) and thereby affecting your cycle.

So as long as you are not over 35 years old or have not had unprotected sex for 12 months, it’s high time to ease up on stressing your self (hormones).

Now, what if you have been trying for more than 12 months?

Here’s the simple thing you should do.

👉 Run a test!

Simple and straightforward. Question is what kind of test?

The answer lies in one of these two options.

1, see your gynecologist who will examine you and decide what tests you should run.

2, Take note of your symptoms e.g. Do you lactate? Do you have smelly discharge? Do you experience sperm leakage after sex? Is your period irregular? Is your period painful? Does it last less than 3 days or more than 7 days?

There are more, but these questions will determine the kind of tests you can do.

You will need to run a Hormonal Profile (Assay) if you need to Check if your hormones are balanced.

You will need to run HVS (High Vaginal Swab) to check for infection and the kind of infection you suspect.

You will need to run HSG to Check for tubal blockage.

You will need to run abdominal scan to check for fibroid or ovarian cysts.

And many other kind of tests. The test results will then determine the kind of solution that is typical for the issue to be resolved.

Now, the sad thing is, there are similar symptoms for different issues.

For example, a woman with Ovarian cysts and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome may have the same results, but it would take a closer observation to differentiate between PCOS and Ovarian Cysts.

The woman with Ovarian Cysts would experience painful and sometimes very dark periods.

While the woman with PCOS, (depending on the type of PCOS because there are 5 types) might skip periods for months.

The “Poly” in Polycystic means “more than one cyst” unlike ovarian cysts.

Also, women with fibroids, depending on the size and position of the fibroid in the womb might not even know they have fibroids until scan points them out.

There are fibroids that would make a woman bleed for more than 7 days and this can lead to Anemia, meaning such women needs iron and iodine.

There are other fibroids that might not even trouble the women. Others might experience something like a heavy mass around the abdomen.

So different issues could be responsible for fertility issue.

Overall of these, which unfortunately links to all form of fertility challenge is DIET!

Your choice of food.
Your choice of drinks.
Your choice of drugs. 

These three have a very significant role to play when trying to conceive.

Your body feeds from what you feed yourself! You are what you put in your mouth! 

Every single food, fruits, liquid, drugs or capsule have either an…

… Alkaline effect or Acidic effect!

An alkaline diet, drinks or drugs (natural supplements made into capsules form) would help the body heal and stunt the growth of any anomalies in the body.

An Acidic diet, drinks or drugs (like contraceptives, painkillers, antibiotics) would have the opposite effect in the body, thereby causing the body to become unhealthy.

Which in turns leads to feeding these growths or cause more damages to the system.

So, a change of diet can significantly improve your chances of becoming a mother this year!

So, as I said, there are times you don’t need to worry, one of them is if you are feeding yourself with alkaline diet and also not unduly stressing yourself.

The other time to worry is when you notice most of the issues I listed above.

But as a woman, the very first sign that something is wrong is a clue from YOUR FLOW!

If it is painless, reddish and not scanty and lasts between 3 and 7 days; there is a high probability, nothing is wrong. You just need to relax! 

But if it is otherwise, then it is high time you decide to go for that test.

The bottomline is: STOP BEING DESPERATE AND ORDERING EVERY DRUGS YOU COME ACROSS ONLINE: Some of them can throw your body off balance that it would take years to balance the system.

Be mindful of what you take into your system. And if you need to solve the issue from the root, start with knowing what the problem is

IDENTIFYING THE ISSUE is 50% finding a solution to the problem.

Always say to yourself when you wake up, “I, YOUR FULL NAME, WOULD BECOME A MOTHER SOON!”

Your thought is powerful, do not permit any negativity. Forget what anyone says about you. What you say to yourself and believe would come to pass…

So, if there is something I can help you with, chat me up on Whatsapp by clicking the link below 👇

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