3 Powerful Fertility Topics That Can Improve TTC Chances Of Getting Pregnant Fast!!!

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The Ultimate Guide For Women Trying To Conceive Naturally & Fast

Dear Future Mum To Be,

My name is Emu Omoavowere. I am a Naturopath, Natural Fertility Doctor and a Nutritionist.

Since 2016, I have coached several thousands of women on how to naturally solve fertility Challenges without the use of chemicalized drugs and with mere home made drinks.

What I discovered over my many years of doing what I do is what I have created in this manual.

How To Calculate Your BMI From Home & How To Accurately Interpret The Result

TTC Women are adviced to lose weight, unfortuately, not all women who are trying to conceive needs to lose weight. Without knowing your BMI, you won't know whether it is better to lose weight or not.

Here, I explain in details how to know if you are to lose weight, or if you are to gain weight. The key to getting pregnant fast is to either lose/gain weight.

Shortcut To Pinpoint Your Fertile (Ovulation) Window Accurately

After visits to the doctors and labs and you are told you are okay and nothing is wrong, you begin to wonder what the problem could be.
Lots of women are faced with this challenge, and In this topic, I explained in details what could be responsible for this. I also teach step by step how to calculate your fertile window; and this is important because, there are merely 6 days in your cycle that you have the highest probability of getting pregnant, miss this and then you have to wait for another cycle to get it right.

Step by Step How to accurately and precisely calculate your Fertile Window and I took my time to explain what a normal cycle and an abnormal cycle is.

Step by Step How To Make An Ancient Jewish & Egyptian Soup That Was Used To Boost Ovulation

First and most common questions I have received from countless women are, "Coach Emu, how can I boost my ovulation?"

My grandmother used to make this soup for my mum when I was a boy; only for many years later, I stumbled upon this same soup, when I was carrying out my research, and I am blown away by the fact that my grandmother who wasn't educated knew about this.

The antioxidants in the leaves to make this soup would blow your mind. Women with PCOS especially would enjoy this soup most.

Smart Choice.

The Manual is just #3,500 Only.

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