If You Have FIBROIDS, This Is The Most Important Letter You Are Going To Ever Read In Your Life!!!

"Step-by-Step Guide On How To Shrink Your Fibroid Naturally Without Any Negative Side Effect!" 

  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Negative Side Effects

You Have Been Lied To By The Pharmaceutical Companies, Supplement Sellers, etc. Fibroids Can't Be Shrinked Until You Put Everything In This Article In Place!

Dear Fibroid Sufferer,

First of all, my name is Emu Omoavowere, I am a naturopath, female fertility, nutritionist and weightloss expert and most women I have helped know me by the name, 'Coach Emu'.

Do You Experience Heavy Flow or Bleeding?

Do You Feel Excruciating Pain During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Then I need you to read every word on this page!!!

Over the year, I have seen many women suffering unnecessarily as a result of ignorance.

Many of them have spent money they don't have, buying products that don't work, but contribute more to their problems and also increase their chances of falling into ill-health!

Over the year likewise, I have helped women with your condition to shrink their fibroid and some have seen great results...

Look at the image below: Focus especially on the dates...

Listen To Stella's Story

Stella Was one of those women who before joining my WhatsApp group had passed through a lot of monetary and spiritual exploitations, pain, struggles and various other humiliations.

She had spent hundreds of thousands of naira.

She joined the WhatsApp group on December 28th, 2017. She had fibroid, coupled with irregular period which made it difficult for her to track her ovulation period.

December 30th, She said:

"My dear sis, the cost of this things is always a challenge. This is my 7th year in marriage with no child to show for it. I ve really spent money, even at dat, fibroids is still there."

I felt her pain.

No one will understand the pains women with fibroid go through. The constant menstrual pain, the monthly heavy flow, the irregular cycle, the mockery, the shame.

I knew how she felt.

I have dealt with lots of women before her, but the question is, "Would she be willing to do anything to shrink the fibroid?" 

She said she would...

The Lies About Fibroids Demystified ...

Then I told her the following, which I want you to take note of:

You see, no supplement seller or pharmaceutical companies or even some doctors will tell you this that: Fibroids Are Fed By The Foods,  Habits, Drinks, And Your Lifestyle!

Please read that again:

As long as you eat 'acidic-effect producing' foods, your fibroid will continue to grow and grow big it will.

It starts as small as a pimple and can grow as big as the size of a football in some women. Fibroids will only grow in a body that is 'acidic.'

It is impossible for fibroid to grow in an alkaline environment, even all bacteria and virus would have a very difficult time to inhabit a body that is 'alkaline' that is, whose pH level is balanced.

Here is What Dr. Otto Warburg, a 1931 Nobel Prize Winner For Cancer discovery have to say about the above statement."


The First Step To Shrinking Fibroid ...

...is to watch the kind of food or drinks you put in your mouth.

Listen, as easy as it is, everytime you eat meatsphaghettiriceindomieeba etc., you are indirectly feeding your fibroid!

Not drinking enough water is another cause.

Taking drugs leaves residue in the body that allows fibroids to grow...

Cut Long Story Short...

Fast forward, from December 30th to January 9th, Stella received her "Packages" and instructional guide on how to use the package!

February 24th, she engaged me in a chat again, and here is what she said...

This was on the 24th of February...

On the morning of 26th of February, she called me on phone crying and whimpering. I was at first shocked, and I thought something terrible had gone wrong, until she broke off the news...

The three letter words that makes a man's heart flutters...


Tears rolled down my eyes!!!

On March 1st, A belated father sent me an appreciation Whatsapp message!

Now, Here Is The Thing ...

Stella was ignorant of a lot of things, aside having fibroids, she suffered 7 years damaging her system the more...

Tackling fibroids is a step by step system and it all starts from "What goes into your mouth."

Be it foodsdrugswaterfruits, etc.

Certain foods are acidic
Certain drugs are acidic
Certain water are acidic
Certain fruits are acidic.

Every acidic fooddrinkwaterfruits that goes into your mouth indirectly feeds your fibroids.


Unfortunately, It Is Not Easy To Give Up These Foods ...

...This is 100% true!

You see, over 90% of Nigerian foods are acidic to say the least.

We eat to Survive only!

These foods are one of the reasons why many women in Nigeria are overweight, unhealthy and have reproductive disorders such as irregular menstruation, no menstruation, fibroids etc.

Stella registered this fact, something I agree with, except you have a 'miracle drink' that can cut off your sugar cravings, put your appetite in check and curb your binge eating habits!

Something as cheap as a #200 Ingredients in the guide below!!!

Just like the below

Suffer No More ...

If Surgery could help you get rid of fibroid, then most women won't go for fibroid surgery the second or third time.

Surgery can only get rid of the fibroid but does not stop the fibroid from growing again. 

Then talk about the risk involve in surgery, you would be lucky if your womb is not removed, mistakenly (to put it more mildly)!

No supplement would shrink or remove your fibroid, neither is there a magic drug anywhere that can do the magic, but rather, you are the main factor, and it would largely depend on how much sacrifice you are willing to make to stop the fibroids from growing!!!

What No One Will Tell You ...

Most of your food, and sugar consumption feeds the fibroid. So you have to consciously begin to eat healthy.

You will mostly succeed when you are able to have a grasp on your thoughts. The way you think!

Your way of thinking, aside your eating habits and drinking habits, also have a large contribution to make when it comes to your stress level. The higher your estrogen level, the more stressed you are, and the possibility of your fibroid growing...

It has been proven that, fibroids are estrogen sensitive, and estrogen increases the growth of fibroids!

Your thought has a major role to play!!!

Introducing ...


This is a product that has been known to help reduce your level of stress and also help you control your eating habits while at the same time, getting off free radicals from your system.

This product provides all nutrients that are necessary for every part of your body to function.

It provides you with nutrients and minerals from calciummagnesiumpotassium to many more minerals that are necessary for your body to start fighting against fibroid and reverse its growth.

Here is what it contains:

  • Iron: it contains more iron in less calories than meat. Now, if you are having periods and losing lots of blood, there is a high chance that you are deficient in iron.

  • Calcium: huge amounts of calcium which binds to remove toxins from within the colon and naturally build strong bones and teeth. It also helps with enzyme activity.

  • Copper: Gets rid of free radicals in the body and also forms melanin which helps our skin and hair. There are claims it can make grey hair return to its natural colour!

  • Manganese: produces sex hormones

  • Magnesium: it is natural to be low on this one. Too little and we get cramps, soreness, tension and more stiffness in the body.

  • Selenium

  • B6: helps to reduce stress

    and many more too numerous to mention...

This manual contains a step-by-step guide on how to use the above product A and product B to make a powerful drink that would ensure your fibroids is shrunk as fast as possible.

Additional Bonuses...

Bonus 1

This guides contains a 30 days fertility boosting meal plan that contains fooddrinksfruits that helps in shrinking your fibroids...

You have the following included: 

  • Foods To Eat - The Benefits Derive From Eating These Foods Outweighs Taking All The Supplements In The World (They Are Also Our Nigerian Foods)
  • Drinks To Make Every Day - If Still Use Antibiotics When You Have Infection, You Are Doing Damages To Your Immune System, These Are Drinks That Would Ensure Your Immune System Are Active To Fight Off Infections Naturally!
  • Fruits To Eat - Are You Trying To Conceive And You Are Still Eating Pineapple or Unripe Pawpaw?
  • And many more like food, fruits and other habits to avoid...

Bonus 2

This guide will show you step-by-step how to restore your irregular menstruation. It would show you why diet and other proper lifestyle habits are necessary!

It contains the easiest and quickest way to get your pH level balanced and also to eliminate toxins from your body and also: 

  • The Ingredients Required To Make Alkaline Solution - This Is Less Than =N=200
  • This Drink Helps To Remove Most Of The Toxins That Inhabits Your Body
  • Why The Knowledge of pH Is Vital To Life And Especially To Conceiving
  • 3 Step-By-Step Methods To Make The Alkaline Solution (Each Method Still Cost Less Than =N=200)
  • List of Over 100 Alkaline Foods That You Must Begin To Eat If You Want To See Results Fast
  • List Of Over 100 Acidic Foods That You Must Avoid If You Want To See Results Fast (These Are The Foods Causing Your Cervical Mucus To Kill Off Sperms)
  • Healthy Eating Habits That Will Ensure You Are Living Healthy.
  • How To Cook Your Vegetables And Other Cooking Methods That Ensures The Nutrients In Your Food Is Preserved
  • Water Drinking habits You Must Follow For Healthy Living. (If You Are Not Drinking According To Your Size, You Are Doing Yourself Grievous Harm.
  • Why You Must Avoid Any Drink, Water Or Beverages That Are In Plastic Containers
  • A Little Solution That Can Turn Any Water Into Ionized Water (Great For Health).
  • And many more

This guide will show you step-by-step how to restore your irregular menstruation. It would show you why diet and other proper lifestyle habits are necessary!

This Is Easy To Use...

No matter your level of education or background, it is very easy to use, just follow the steps that are outlined.

Three very easy steps...

The other bonus guides on their own can help your body regulates its pH balance and at the same time, grant you amazing health benefits.

Most women in my group have not taken drugs since they joined my group and they testify they are more healthier than ever... including a 52 year old woman!

Here are other testimonies from people who have used my services!!!

If You Want To Shrink Fibroid Naturally Like Stella Did Without Surgery, Then See Detailed Information By Clicking The Link Below...

Pregnancy Test Strip

Libido restored

Alkaline Benefits

Coach Emu Omoaovowere

Your Infertility, Health & Wellness Coach

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