If You Have Done Everything To Lose Weight Without Success, Then Read This Letter To The Very End...

Dear Friend Struggling To Lose Weight,

  • Do People Make Fun Of Your Enormous Body Size And Weight?

  • Did You Suddenly Become Overweight After Childbirth?

  • Are You Unhappy In Your Marriage Or Relationship?

  • Have Your Breasts Become Saggy And Ugly?

  • Has Your Sex Drive Become Low?

  • Do You Easily Fall Sick?

  • Are There So Many Stretch Marks On Your Body?

  • Are You Unhappy?

  • Do You Suffer Low Self-Esteem?


If yes, then congratulations, this letter is for you.

You can lose weight as fast as lightning without starving or spending your entire week in the gym!!!

...Over 3000+ People Have Used The Same Information Presented In This Letter And Have Come Back With Outstanding Testimonies Of Their Weight Loss. We have die-hard evidence.

Some Of These Testimonies Are Included At The Bottom Of This Letter, Which You Will See If You Are Patient Enough To Read To The End...

What you need right now more than ever is to lose weight in the shortest time possible. And this my friend, is what this letter is about.

To help you lose weight and become confident once more...  

Pay Attention to every word in this letter and I promise that at the end of this little journey I am taking you on, all the KEYS to effective weight loss and happiness will all be within your grasp.

First of all, my name is Emu Omoavowere, I am a naturopath, female fertility expert, nutritionist and weightloss expert and most people I have helped know me by the name, 'Coach Emu'.

Right now, all I am asking for is your patience in exchange for a promised PRIZE.

Yes, a prize!

I am promising you that if you can just take your time to read every word here, your life will never remain the same again.  

The KEYS to losing weight in as little time as possible, with no stress and no side effects, are currently dangling from my hands.

But before I hand them over to you, I want you to first of all understand what being overweight really means.  

What Comes To Your Mind When You Hear The Word Overweight?

Fat? Obese? Big?

Yes you are right.  

However, one SURPRISING thing you probably didn't know is that being overweight is a lot deeper than we think...

It has adverse EFFECTS on our overall social, psychological, health-wise and even educational well-being.

Research reports have shown that people who are overweight are most likely to be less interactive in public than people who are fit. And are usually prone to more health issues.  

At This Point, I Will Present In The Simplest Way Possible, A Better Glimpse Of What Been Overweight Is...

I want you to take 30seconds from reading this, to closely study the image below and silently calculate how much correspondence your height and weight share, using the image as an example.

Wow! Surprising result right?

You just discovered that your height and weight do not correspond with what is in the image right?  

If NO, that means you are in good shape...


I'll advice you to read further for the sake of your friends, sister, brother, or partner who is overweight and whose happiness may depend on every bit of information contained on this page.

You might be helping to save a soul.  

If YES, then you definitely should continue reading. You need this.  

If you DON'T understand the image or what the calculation was about, fear not.

That is why I am a coach. I'll explain. 

What The Image Above Simply Implies Is This ...

If your height (check your height on the table) does not correspond with the weight range that it is supposed to fall within (now check the weight in front of your height on the table), it is either you are over-weight or under-weight, both of which are unhealthy.

For instance, if you are 5'5 inches in height and weigh between 54-68kg, you are fit(according to the table).

But if you are 5'5inches tall and your weight is above 54-68kg, it means you are overweight.

Now study the image for a second time and do the comparison.

If Your Result Shows That You Are Overweight, There Is Absolutely No Need For You To Worry...

Before I continue, I want you to understand that being overweight sometimes is uncontrollable. So first things first, STOP HATING YOURSELF and set your mind to lose weight.

It all has to start with your mindset...   

Do you know that according to a statistical report submitted to CNN on the 12th of June 2017, One-third of the world's population are currently over-weight?

This rate is really alarming.  

Also, studies have shown that some people do not even know that they are overweight, and some of the ones who do, do not know exactly how to lose their weight.

So if you are reading this, you are lucky.

I have helped you to determine your weight and soon enough, I'll show you the never-before-seen guaranteed solution to quick and easy weight loss.  

Another vital thing I wouldn't want you to miss is that there are so many health and social risks associated with being overweight.

Health-Wise, These Include...

    Do you remember the last time you checked with your Doctor and got the depressing news that your blood pressure was high? Yes. That could have been as a result of your unhealthy weight.     
    People who are overweight have incredibly high levels of sugar in their blood. This in turn paves way for a whole lot of sugar-related diseases such as diabetes and liver problems which occurs as a result of the liver's inability to process high levels of sugar.
    Some time ago, a rich man in the neighborhood where I live in, suddenly fell down and died. Do you know what the Doctors said when he was rushed to the hospital? They said he died of heart disease. This man (May his soul rest in peace) before his death, was a heavy-weight. When you are overweight, your blood-pumping machine(your heart) slowly gets clogged with fat, thereby inhibiting blood flow.     
    Let's face it. You are unhappy about your weight. If you weren't, you wouldn't be reading this. I know you are hurt and affected by the mockery your friends make at you, the jokes your spouse makes about you, the insults your haters slam you with and every other thing you have had to suffer because of your weight including wardrobe malfunctions. This could lead to depression.
    Many women in Nigeria today have spent all their life savings on infertility problem, the truth, from my many years of experience, the lack of control of their eating habits and in take of unhealthy meals have led to these problems overtime. Same for men who are having premature ejaculation and the likes... even low sex drive...     
    One of the world's most deadliest diseases that currently has no cure is cancer. Cancer has been scientifically linked to obesity and being overweight. Cancer is every person's worst nightmare. It's something you do not want to be diagnosed with surely.  In overweight women, the risks include cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. In men, the risks are higher around the prostrate region (prostate cancer) and colorectal cancer.

Other Health Challenges Include ...

  • High level of cholesterol  
  • Inability to conceive  
  • Miscarriage  
  • Death.

 Socially, Excess Weight Could Put You At Risk Of...

  • OSTRACIZATION, that is, people always ignoring you and excluding you from activities and events because of your weight.   
  • LOSS OF JOB - A person can lose a job opportunity simply because he/she is overweight.   
  • SUICIDE (as a result of depression).

 The Problem You Didn't know...

The question I'm about to ask is a question you may have asked so many times without getting an answer...

 Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight?  ...

The bitter truth is that many people are not aware of what exactly causes excessive weight and obesity.

And this is where the problem lies.

You see, weight loss is almost impossible because of the rate at which people consume and depend on sugar; 

and also a lack of enlightenment about the types of foods that places them at higher risk of being overweight.  

If you are probably thinking:

"But being overweight can also be genetic."

Then you are correct!

But the fact is that no matter how genetic a person's obesity is, it can be dealt with if appropriate attention is paid to the type of food one takes into his body.

That's why in a family of five, you would see some members of the family looking really slim while others are struggling with overweight...


 How Is That Possible?

You will find out soon. Just read on...

Most of the food we eat, especially those consumed here daily in Nigeria, are 85% poisonous. They are killing you slowly while making you enjoy it.

If you check the statistics of people dying daily, you will find out that most of them die of weight-related diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  

I hate to break this to you but Excess Weight in your body weakens your organs and disrupts your immune system.

The consequence of this is that your body will be susceptible to all types of diseases...

 Quick Advice...

If before now, you have been lying on your chest to sleep, STOP IT. 

This is because...   

Being overweight, you are sleeping on your organs...

Sleeping on your back is preferable, but because you are overweight, there is the tendency that you will snore and make other people uncomfortable.

The best way to sleep therefore, is to sleep on your side, especially your left side.  

Now, I want to reveal a very huge secret to you.

Only few people have heard about what I am about to reveal to you.

 The Secret Is...

 You Can Lose Weight Within 2-4weeks Without Starving Yourself! You Can Lose Weight As Fast As You Can Without Having To Kill Yourself At The Gym!

Do Note: Moderate exercise are good for your health...

Okay, that was not actually the secret I wanted to share.

The actual secret and answer to your prayers is...  

Wait! One more thing before I reveal this special secret to you.  

I mentioned earlier, the effect of sugar and poor diet on a person's weight. Many people think it is impossible to completely get rid of sugar cravings and poor diet.  

The truth is... 

 It Is 100% Possible!

Back to the secret I promised. 

I'm unveiling...  

The Hyper-Efficient, Wonder-Working...

This my friend, is the guide I have been talking about.

It is the miracle you have been waiting for... It is the treasure to your search... The end to your tears.


The happiness knocking at your door.  

There is also a bonus surprise accompanying the news I have just given you.  

But first, I can't move on without sparing you this piece of useful information below:

Most Nigerian foods have acid-producing effects and also contains high levels of sugar. Some of these foods include : Eba, Rice, Indomie, Spaghetti, Yam, Egusi or delicacies that contain preservatives and seasonings such as maggi, butter, mayonnaise, soft drinks, canned fruit juices.  


Yes, I was too when I first found out.  

You are probably wondering now how possible it is to survive without these foods.  

The answer is that you must understand that these foods are responsible for increasing the acidic level in your bodies and at the same time, disastrously shortening our life span.

Therefore some of these food should be taken moderately, and others should be completely eliminated from your diet.

The First Bonus Guide You Will Get...

THE BALANCED PH GUIDE which is one of the packages of the 'LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITHOUT STARVING' GUIDE, will show you a step by step procedure on how to  lose weight for as fast as two weeks.

You can lose those excess fat without starving, only if you can control your cravings for sugar, and control your appetite... This is so difficult, but quite easy with the secret ingredient in this guide...

The Alkaline solution...

What The Shortcut To Balance Your pH Level In 2 To 4 Weeks Will Do For You...

  • This Drink Will Kill Your Cravings For Binge Eating
  • It Will Kill Your Cravings For Sugar
  • It Will Make You Drink Water More Often 
  • It Will Balance Your pH Level
  • It Will Eliminate Toxins From Your System
  • It Would Help You In Controlling Your Appetite
  • And Many More...

It Also Contains:

  • The Ingredients Required To Make Alkaline Solution Step by Step For As Low as N200
  • This Drink Helps To Remove Most Of The Toxins That Inhabits Your Body
  • The Importance of a Balanced pH To Your Health
  • 3 Step-By-Step Methods To Make The Alkaline Solution (Each Method Still Cost Less Than =N=200) 
  • List of Over 100 Alkaline Foods That You Must Begin To Eat If You Want To See Results Fast
  • List Of Over 100 Acidic Foods That You Must Avoid If You Want To See Results Fast (These Are The Foods Feeding The Bacteria In Your System).
  • Healthy Eating Habits That Will Ensure Healthy Living
  • How To Cook Your Vegetables And Other Cooking Methods That Ensures The Nutrients In Your Food Is Preserved.
  • Water Drinking habits You Must Follow For Healthy Living. (If You Are Not Drinking According To Your Size, You Are Doing Yourself Grievous Harm).
  • Why You Must Avoid Any Drink, Water Or Beverages That Are In Plastic Containers.
  • A Little Solution That Can Turn Any Water Into Ionized Water (Great For Health).
  • And Many More...

Why This Is Different From Every Other Thing You Have Used In The Past...

  • It's Very Safe
  • It's Far More Effective  
  • It's Very Cheap (Far Cheaper Than Any WeightLoss Product In The Market Today)
  •  It Holds The Secret To Good Health (Boosts Your Immune System)
  • You Are Not Going To Buy Anything From Anyone Ever Again To Lose Weight...Never Again
  • And Many Other Benefits!

That's Not All...

Here's What You'll Get In This Guide

It Also Contains:

Here's What Satisfied Customers Are Saying About This Guide!

There are over a 100+ testimonies from satisfied customers... ranging from:

  • Restoration Of Loss Of Libido
  • Getting Healthy
  • Looking Younger
  •  Having No Cravings For Sugar
  • Controlled Appetite
  • Having Control Over Cravings for Soft Drinks 
  • And Many More... See for yourself

Guess What!!!

There is a free gift available to you once you buy THE LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT STARVING PROGRAMME now!!!

This gift will go a long way in helping with your weight loss.

This gift is 100% guaranteed. 

The 30 Days WeightLoss Boosting Meal Plans reveals all the secrets of healthy eating to you.

It tells you which food is suitable to consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also explains in details, why you should avoid certain foods and fruits.

This free gift, coupled with the "Shortcut To Balance Your pH Level" Guide, I promise you that you will not only lose weight, but will also be as healthy and fit as a stallion.

HURRY UP and get the GUIDE now that the amount is still at a discount rate. The initial prize which was N6,999 was reduced to 


So that the GUIDE will become available for more people searching for weight loss. However, the awoof is temporary.

So hurry up and get the GUIDE now that it is still at a cheaper rate.

It Comes With An Iron-Clad-Report-Me-To-EFFC-Money-Back-Guarantee

Here's How To Order Your Copy Now!!! 

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N4,999 into any of the Bank Below;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
Account No: 001-518-2068

Bank: First City Monumental Bank (FCMB)
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
Account No: 546-478-9019

Bank: Zenith Bank
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
Account No: 221-415-8852

STEP 2: After payment, send a text message (No phone call please!), containing the following:

Name of payment to: 


As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will be sent the "LOSE WEIGHT FAST PACKAGE" with your Bonus, "30 Days WeightLoss Boosting Meal Plan" to your email within 5 to 25 minutes tops! 

If You Prefer To Call Before You Pay  

If you decide you want to contact us before you make payment.

Here is the number to call 08156913076

You would be attended to only between the following hours:

Monday to Friday (9am - 5pm)

Saturday (9am - 2pm)

P.S. There is also a last surprise hidden in the GUIDE. I won't tell you what it is. Buy the GUIDE now and find out!   

P.P.S. If after purchase you encounter any problem about how to use the GUIDE, you can chat me up on whatsapp right away on this number (09033644587): I and my team will reply immediately.  

This whatsapp group would be dedicated to this GUIDE, which I'll advice you to join, as occasionally, bonus tips will be shared in the group, that will aid your weight loss.    

Together, we can do this!

Coach Emu

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