Do You Experience Any Kind of Menstrual Disorder? Would You Want To Use A Tested And Proven Natural & Potent Home-Made Tea To Eliminate This Issue? 



Do You Experience Serious Menstrual Cramps or Menstrual Pain? Is It Scanty or Heavy periods? Do You Experience Anemia or Any Kind of Menstrual Disorder? Then this letter is for you… 

"A Glass of Tea Made With Organic Brasilica can Eliminate All Menstrual Disorder, Boost Your Energy Level Through The Roof, Balance Your pH Levels and Boost Your Iron Level Fast, & Naturally"

This is The Same Powerful Tea That Has Helped Over 2,373 Nigerian Women.

Dear Friend,

My name is Emu Omoavowere. I am a Naturopath, Fertility & Health Coach and Most of women in my programme call me Coach Emu!


For the past three years (since 2016) I have helped lots of Women Live Healthy, Reduce Cravings For Foods and Drinks, Balance Their pH Levels and Remove All Toxins From Their Body System using this Powerful, Natural Home-made Tea! 


Right Now, I am about to show you how to make a simple, and yet powerful, potent tea called the Miracle Menstrual Tea from the comfort of your home!


This tea would help you resolve any menstrual issues naturally, fast and without any side effect...


For many centuries now, this tea you are about to learn how to make, have been used by the West Indians, China, India and many other countries for the fortification of the body and to solve all form of menstrual disorder... naturally, and fast without any side effect whatsoever!


This is what most women wasting lots of money, time and consuming damaging drugs needs to be using for any menstrual disorder.

Introducing The Organic Brasilica...

Why Should You Get This Organic Brasilica Today...?

Here are some benefits of this Organic Brasilica that has been used by over 2,000 Nigerians in the past few years:

  • It would helps in balancing Hormones:  This tea is rich in Vitamin C and B6 which are beneficial in balancing the hormones…  oo most hormonal issue can be linked to menstural problems...
  • It contains the compound called Betacyanins from the drink helps to clear toxins from the body; thereby making you healthy and giving you a robust, and energetic mood!
  •  It build and help boost your iron level: Contains over 70% Of Iron level that your body needs; thereby improving anemia!
  • It is natural: No Side effect whatsoever, and You Would be able to know how to make this tea yourself without any added or poisonous substance...
  • It helps with anemia:  It is because it is a very rich source of iron… and the bottle contains 70% of the iron needed for the body…   
  • It boosts your mood significantly; The energy level alone you would experience would be massive…   
  • It stops painful and annoying cramps and clotting
  • It is rich in potassium, zinc and have massive amounts of trace minerals;   It is the best source of iron... the deficiency of these minerals and nutrients has adverse effect on your menstrual cycle and this tea is a dream-come-true…
  • Ceased Period? No worries; it boost your iodine and iron level and help restore scanty periods back ASAP
  • Growths in the body like fibroid, PCOS, Ovarian Cysts- It helps alleviate the symptoms and completely get rid of bloating and constipations....really fast!

How To Use The Organic Brasilica

  • Blend/dice/slice the two items you would get from Aboki (or any fruit store around) (It is in the manual I would send to you and they cost less than 200naira)
  • Put them in a glass, and 
  • Boil a glass of water
  • Put a tablespoon of Organic Brasilica in half a glass of hot water and add a tablespoon of organic honey (optional)
  • Stir properly so it mixes well
  • Take the drink on empty stomach, every day

It is so simple. If you can do this for 30 days consistently, you will join our over 2000 customers who have shared their amazing testimonies with us. 

Why Should You Endeavour To Get The Organic Brasilica Today?

 I am going to send you a FREE GIFT (THE ALKALINE POWDER) added to your delivery right now. This product is =N=10,999 (including delivery) but it is yours for 100% Free if you only you order right now

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Why Should You Endeavour To Get This Free Bonus Today?

Here are some benefits of this Alkaline powder that has been used by over 300 Nigerians in the past few months :

  • It would balance your pH level: too much acidity in your system leads to a weak immune system and a body that can easily be attacked by rogue bacteria and even broken down.
  • It Would Reduce The Acidity Level In Your System thereby making your system more alkaline and heal itself from various infections
  • It would help you control cravings for foods and drinks: Many people do not know that their irresistible cravings for sugary drinks and foods are as a result of high level or acidity in their system!
  • It is natural: The Alkaline Powder Helps in restoring your system back to a state of homeostasis (like when you were a baby)! 

How To Use The Alkaline Powder

  1. Put half a teaspoon of the Powder in half a glass of water
  2. Stir properly so it mixes well
  3. Take the drink on empty stomach, every morning ONLY

It is so simple. This Alkaline powder is a game changer... see detailed benefits on the link I showed above

The best thing is: 

P.s There are two other ways to make this drink more powerful that results are more visible in days!

Who Has This Organic Brasilica Worked For??

Like I said before we have several thousands of testimonies from the women who had made this Organic Brasilica Tea... I am going to show you just a few below because of lack of space.

This tea is natural, inexpensive and has no side effect—whatsoever…  

If You Want To Say bye-bye to menstrual problem of all and any kind… then see below...




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  • 3 Step-By-Step Methods To Make The Alkaline Solution (Each Method Still Cost Less Than =N=200)
  • List of Over 100 Alkaline Foods That You Must Begin To Eat If You Want To See Results Fast
  • List Of Over 100 Acidic Foods That You Must Avoid If You Want To See Results Fast (These Are The Foods Feeding The Bacteria In Your System).
  • Healthy Eating Habits That Will Ensure You Are Living Healthy.
  • How To Cook Your Vegetables And Other Cooking Methods That Ensures The Nutrients In Your Food Is Preserved.
  • Water Drinking habits You Must Follow For Healthy Living. (If You Are Not Drinking According To Your Size, You Are Doing Yourself Grievous Harm).
  • Why You Must Avoid Any Drink, Water Or Beverages That Are In Plastic Containers.
  • A Little Solution That Can Turn Any Water Into Ionized Water (Great For Health).
  • And many more

This guide contains the difference between ALKALINE & ACIDIC Foods & Drinks where you will be taught how to eat healhty foods and avoid unhealthy foods that have caused problems in your system!

30 Days Fertility Boosting Meal Time-Table contains foods that would are to be eaten during breakfast, lunch and dinner and also what to eat during your ovulation period (fertile window)

  • It Would Show You Foods That Needs To Be Avoided
  • It Would Show You Foods That Aids Your Ovarian Health And You Need To Consume More Of
  • It Would Show You How To Make Healthy Teas That Strengthen Your Immune System
  • The Kind Of Food That Boosts Fertility
  • The Kind of Diet To Consume During Your Fertile Window
  • And Many More...

This Guide contains 3 Simple Stupid method to Accurately Pinpoint Your Ovulation Period and Fertile Window – the number one cause of some women fertility issue is CYCLE CONFUSION. Hint: Not every woman ovulate on day 14, some ovulate even on day 21 of their cycle. You would learn the secret of how a primary 6 student can accurately calculate ovulation day!

  • How To Calculate Your Ovulation Day (Do You Know The Egg Lasts only 12 to 24 hours after released?) - You Will Learn How to Pinpoint This Ovulation Day

  • How To Calculate Your Ovulation Period (Your Fertile Window) - There are 6 Days In A Cycle That You  Are most likely To Conceive - You will learn how to pinpoint these 6 days
  • The Two Kinds of Cycle and the Difference Between A Normal Cycle & Abnormal Cycle
  • What Hinders Sperm To Not Being Able To Swim Towards The Egg!
  • The Three Simple, Stupid Method That will Guarantee You Pinpoint Your Ovulation Period and Ovulation Day!
  • And Many More...


This Guide contains 3 Simple Stupid method to Accurately Pinpoint Your Ovulation Period and Fertile Window – the number one cause of some women fertility issue is CYCLE CONFUSION. Hint: Not every woman ovulate on day 14, some ovulate even on day 21 of their cycle. You would learn the secret of how a primary 6 student can accurately calculate ovulation day!

Most women have held on to a lot of myth that has caused lots of issues when trying to get pregnant

Majority of women are misinformed about a whole lot of issues on the subject of conception

Lack of misinformation or no information has caused a lot of women to suffer needlessly for no reason whatsoever.

And many other reasons that I sometimes cannot believe people would believe... This guide would open your eyes to a whole lot of secrets...

  • Struggling to fall asleep? One single technique that works 9 of 10 times that can help you fall asleep easily! 
  • One sleeping position sleep researchers after carrying out many sleep research discovered is the sleeping position to guarantee sleep quality and health p.19
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  • One thing that can put a man off, or even cause him to cheat, and how using one common free substance to keep you wet! p.34
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  • The two best positions that have a greater chance to conceiving fast. p. 57
  • The best time of the month and hour of the day to meet with your partner to improve your chance of conceiving! p.63, 65
  • Thyroid Disorders? two simple ways to encourage Thyroid Hormone Production p.66
  • Two types of fasting every woman trying to conceive must embark on p. 66-68
  • Ovulation Tips: Knowing your Ovulation Day and Ovulation Period can improve your chances of conceiving. p.69
  • 3 Tips to improve your fertility rate. p.70
  • One ancient powerful organic item that can balance your hormones, improve your mood, regulate your period, but no one is talking about! p.74
  • Why diet is important for a woman who wants to conceive. p.75
  • Two DANGEROUS FRUITS that can INDUCE MISCARRIAGES. and many more others...

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