MISCARRIAGE: Causes & Prevention

Truth Be Told, You Can’t Prevent Miscarriage, But What You Can Do Is Prepare Yourself Not To Experience It.

It is painful enough for one to pass through the rigorous monitoring of menstrual period,  ovulation period and ovulation day,  and getting pregnant and only to lose such…

God forbid!!!

So here, tonight,  I would be showing you causes of miscarriages and…

*** How to ensure you never have it!

*** Foods to eat in each trimesters that helps

*** Foods to avoid

*** And other important information you need to know

First of all, miscarriage is a term used for a pregnancy that ends on its own within the first 20 weeks of gestation.

According to certain studies,  it is stated that most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks.

1 out of 4 women would experience a miscarriage in her lifetime.

There are many factors that can cause miscarriage in each trimester.

An average woman carries her pregnancy for nine months. This nine months is divided into three months each..

The first three months  are known as the first trimester

The next three months  are known as the second trimester

While the last three months are known as the third trimester

In each of these three trimesters, there are certain foods and fruits you are expected to eat to help the development of your fetus.

This is because, throughout the nine months your baby will feed from the food you are eating or the drinks you are taking. So it is important you eat healthy.

You see…

Miscarriages occurs for different reasons and at each trimester, it could be caused by a particular reason.

For example any miscarriage that occurs in the first trimester can be as a result of any of the following :

*** Chromosomal abnormality which are factors that are wrong with the baby’s chromosomes  and could be caused by

I. A damaged egg

II. A damaged sperm cell

III. Problem that came up as a result when the zygote went through the division process…

To put it mildly:

The expectant MOTHER’S health conditions plays a critical role in the fetus development  and can also affect her pregnancy…

Others include

*** Viral infections which can weaken the mothers immune system, thereby leading to a miscarriage.

*** Hormonal problems.

*** Infections.

*** Smoking,  alcohol or excessive caffeine intake  and other dangerous lifestyle habits

*** Unhealthy eating habits

*** Age

*** Stress

*** Trauma

*** other unexplainable factors

The good news is,  you can avoid having a miscarriage  if you just do the following:

1. Exercise regularly.

It doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise,  especially when it is your first time of getting pregnant.

2. Eat healthy foods

Eat both acidic and alkaline food in proportion of 30 to 70%.

3. Learn to manage stress

Find a way to reduce your stress level. Engage in a brief walk in your garden, meditate, watch comedy movies etc..

4. Eat Foods Rich In Folic Acid

Take foods rich in folic acid or supplements that has folic acid.

5. Cut Off Certain Unhealthy Habits

Stop indulging in habits that would risk your pregnancy.

And most of all… Try and avoid alcohol by all means.

Now,  there are certain food,  fruits that can cause miscarriage…

These are foods you must avoid by all means, though it depends on which trimesters that you are eating these foods.

Foods, Drinks And Fruits To Avoid Include:

Crabs, Pineapple, Green tea/caffeine, Processed meat, Alcohol, Unripe paw paw, Unwashed fruits, Undercooked or raw eggs, Foods with sugar or preservatives, Packaged juice.

Foods, Drinks And Fruits To Take:

Folic acid rich foods… Like spinach,  citrus fruits e.g grape fruit,  tangerine,  oranges, lemon etc.

These helps to develop the baby’s brain.

Grape fruit is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).

So if you are pregnant and you want your baby to be healthy,  strong and resistant to various  disease.

Drink a glass of grapefruit juice twice daily..

Oranges as I mentioned above. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in the growth of a baby and even improves your baby skin tone…

Eat eggs but it must be properly cooked… Not raw,  not half cooked.

Then fish,  like tilapia,  catfish (not home reared but from the ocean) salmon fish, shrimp.

Then take folic acid supplements.

Plenty of rest and sleep.

Drink lots of water…

Foods to eat in each trimester.


Remember I said we have three trimesters, each one,  your baby is in a developmental stage,  and certain foods would help it develop a healthy organ as it goes from one trimester to the next

In the first trimester,  that is,  the first three months…

Foods like brown rice, millet, citrus fruits e.g. oranges,  lemons, grapefruits, are highly essential  foods for proper embryonic development during the 1st trimester.

Salmon fish,  this contains proteins in huge quantity. It is essential for the development of baby’s nervous system, it’s eyes, and it’s brain.

It has 53% of Vitamin B-12 and 30% of Vitamin B6.

In the second trimester,

Meat: This contains proteins and it is a must diet in the second trimester

Kidney beans: This contains 100% dietary fiber. It has 35% magnesium,  45% iron and 48% of proteins. It also has vitamin B-6 and Vitamin C

Beetroot: This reduces the chances of birth defects.

A mother-to-be needs high immunity level. The high immune system protects both mother and infant from various infections and ailments.

Oatmeal: It helps the nourishment of the baby during the second trimester.

In the third trimester,  foods to eat include:

Avocado: This fruit is rich in the following nutrient. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex and fiber.

Vitamin E protects the cell membranes to maintain the structures  property of cells.

Carrots: Most of the time you can get nausea or vomiting complication along with drowsiness or weakness due to loss of energy. When you add carrots to your diet,  it boost up the energy level.

Green beans: Green beans have no fat contents but has Vitamin  C and dietary fiber in moderate amount.

Bulk amount of calcium is needed for the baby’s final development of bones and also makes its bones stronger.

It is also needed by the mother for milk formation.

Add more fruits to your diet especially strawberries, banana etc.

And you are good to go…


Just remember,  pineapple is a no-no because it contains  bromelain which has the ability to soften the uterus and produce aborticide.

This fruit  could lead to contractions  and in turn leads to miscarriage.

Unripe paw paw is also a no no. This is packed with enzymes that can trigger uterine contraction.

This green paw paw can increase the miscarriage risk three times.

Smoking. Either you are the smoker  or the ‘smokee’ ? (that is being in the same room where there are smokers) is bad for your fetus.

Avoid Processed meats, plastic food containers, artificial flavourings and colorings all affects the fetus and most of these meats are stored for a long time on the shelf.

So follow the above guide line and there would be an increased chance you can avoid the pain of miscarriage.

 I hope you learnt something.

Q. Please ma can you explain more on age as a factor of miscarriage

A. If you read what I mentioned above. I stated that miscarriage could be as a result of a damaged egg in the case of a mother or damaged sperm in the case of a father.

When you are at the age of 40 above there is about a 45% chance of a miscarriage occurring except…

When you eat right and follow the above ways to avoid it…

Your eating habits have to be clean… To overcome this. Luckily enough,  you know the difference between alkaline and acidic foods…

Q. What can make a foetus die in the womb?

A. There are many factors. But mostly as a result of mummy’s-to-be immune system being compromised.

Mummy-to-be needs to be healthy…

Same thing that causes miscarriages can cause the fetus to die in the womb.

There are loads of factors that only your personal doctor can explain based on your medical records… For example, you can have a high risk pregnancy when you have diabetes and yet you are not eating healthy

Q.  If someone starts having miscarriage, what is the remedy?

A. Any miscarriage that occurs in the first trimester  can be as a result of Chromosomal abnormality which are factors that are wrong with the baby’s chromosomes  and could be caused by A damaged egg, A damaged sperm cell Or a problem that came up as a result when the zygote went through the division process

Daddy needs to prepare also…  He needs to stop drinking and also have to be in top shape.

Mummy have to ‘Prepare’ her body from toxicity especially her diet..

The egg that is fertilized this month started it’s life cycle 90 days ago.

Think back on what you have been eating,  drinking then…

Preparation is paramount especially for women who have been having unprotected sex for 12 months without CONCEIVING….

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You don’t know whose life/marriage you might save today!!!

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