How Did Our Grannies Treat Fertility Challenges?

10 to 15% of women having fertility challenges inherited this issue from their parents!!!

It’s sad to know, but then, the proof that they overcame this issue is YOU BEING BORN!


Now the question is, If peradventure my mum had this issue, how did they solve it?

The simple answer is, VIA NATURE!

Lets take a stroll down memory lane… Say 1985!

According to WHO (World Health Organizations), the fertility rate of women were 5 children to 1

In 1995, it reduced to 2.5 children to a woman

In 2000, it rediced to 0.5 childrent to a woman…

The question is, Whats the cause of this reduction?

Answer, scientific breakthrough

You see, during our parents time, the way to preserve foods was merely opening them to the air…

Today, people preserve food with pesticide and insecticide… These find their way into our blood streams and causing serious damages to the system…

Scientists have found a way to preserve food longer and thereby adding such into drinks, beverages, diary products.. This is called preservatives (a chemical added to food to make it have a longer shelf life)…

For one, grandma Mary didnt have access to this sort of ‘chemicalized foods’

No sharwama
No eatery
No soft drinks (once a while)
No unhealthy eating

Foods were mostly fresh from nature..

They exercised by walking to the farm or working in the early hours of the morning in the sun..

Their water was from the stream – pure, not deprived of oxygen like the water we drink in satchet and pure water…

But we are in the modern times and this issue is a modern issue…

While i was young, when my mother was pregnant, i remember a Jewish soup my grandma use to make for her…

The day my mother would deliver, in the morning of that day, nobody will believe she was going to have a childbirth that day… She is active and the baby comes easily…

Many years later, i found out this was an ancient Jewish soup made for women who were about to give birth that makes them deliver like the HEBREW WOMEN of old… With little or no assistance…

See, the way grandma dealt with infection wasnt via antibiotics, ask her…

It was via nature… Natural home made drinks.

Antibiotics will cause the infectious bacteria to become stronger and the more stronger antibiotics you use, the more imbalance you cause to your system…

This issue is being known as ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANCE…

Since 2016, I have taught countless women step by step how to tackle fertility challenges from the very comfort of their homes…

This simple home made drinks have helped them tackle issues like

👉 Full control over cravings for wrong foods

👉 Full control over cravings for sugar

👉 eliminating your cravings for carbonated/soft drinks

👉 Simple home made drink to help you lose weight

👉 It helps you boost your libido

👉 It helps you stay hydrated

👉 It helps you eliminate waste easily

👉 It helps improve your mood and boost your energy level

👉 It supercharges your immune system to be able to tackle any and every form of infection like PID, Candidias, Staph, etc

👉 It helps stop sperm leakage after sex in just few days completely

👉 It balances your PH level, reduces acidity level and increases your alkaline (healthy) level

👉 I taught them to categorize diet that kills (Acidic diet) and diet that heals (alkaline diet)

👉 Taught them step by step on how to make powerful home made drink called the ALKALINE SOLUTION

👉 Taught them step-by-step on how to make a powerful home made drink called the MOTHERLOAD CURE – this drinks stops sperm leakage after sex and supercharges your immune system to kick out those rogue bacteria and infectious bacteria

👉 The drink improves ovulation (I will also teach you how to make an ancient jewish soup to help improve ovulation) – no worries, main item to make it is sold in our local market.

👉 Helps make your vaginal environment not to be hostile to sperm

👉 And many more benefits too numerous to mention

All these from the comfort of their homes… The only downside is YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE DRINKS YOURSELF and the good thing is,

it is so easy to make and the items to make them are easy to get around you…

In your local supermarket…

Our grannies would take time to visit local doctors (like me) who will give them step by step instructions on how to tackle the issue…

But today, Medical advances have made the issue of diagnosing the problems easier…

Unfortunately, the solution to tackle it, has become more complicated and expensive with a bag of side effect that takes months and years to overcome…

This is why I created this program… Simple, cheap, easy, effective and no side effect…

I have written a comprehensive article to explain in full details how NATURE CAN TACKLE ALL KINDS OF FERTILITY CHALLENGES

Read it on this page below 👇 👇 👇

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