FIBROID 101: Why Surgery Is A Bad Idea

Most women opt for myomectomy (Fibroid Surgery) due to ignorance.

Imagine, after spending that hefty sum, and then the pains, then only a year later, you are told Fibroid has grown again! 🤯

This is because, you dealt with THE SYMPTOMS, leaving out the ROOT CAUSE…

Main question is, “WHY DOES FIBROID GROW?”

It is as a result of what you eat, drink, think and do or do not do.

Women with fibroid grows fibroid by consuming foods, drinks that feeds the body estrogen, one of such is MEAT and FLOUR PRODUCTS!

Every woman with fibroid lacks important nutrients that the body needs to perform optimally such as: Iodine, Vitamin D, selenium, manganese, iron, etc.

Truth about surgery is not the success, but the aftermath…

Such as infection, adhesion, scar tissue, etc

What can you do? The first point of call is WATCH WHAT YOU EAT, DRINK, THINK, AND DO!

for full details, if you desire to shrink Fibroid Naturally


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