The Missing Fertility Secret 101

What if your choice of diet could be the cause of delay when it comes to getting pregnant?

I had a friend who always complained of seeing her period one day in her cycle, and just a few hours and her period is done till the next month. 

But her stomach pain was something else. 

I had told her to make a home-made drink and also told her to stop meat (of all and every kind); no turkey, chicken, beef, etc

In just 7 Days of making the drink and following all my instructions (gave her other list of drinks to cut off and foods to stop eating) 

This is what she said 👇 

Over the years, every woman in my program must PASS THROUGH MY STAGE 2 (stage 1, being running a test to know where the issue is) and (stage 3, being tackling growths in the body like Fibroid, ovarian cyst, ceased period, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, endometriosis, etc) 

Now, stage 2 is the stage of preparation –

👉 To clear infection
👉 Stop sperm leakage,
👉 Get rid of cravings for sugar and soft drink!
👉 Balance your pH Level
👉 Prepare the body for stage 3 (most cases there might not even be any need, because most women get pregnant in stage 2 ☺) 

No matter the issue you are struggling to solve, YOUR DIET MUST BE THE FIRST THING TO WORK ON! 

Not keto diet!

I am talking of having real control over what you put in your mouth, this is what THE ALKALINE SOLUTION DRINK does, it helps you to control your cravings, that if you are the type that cant do without soft drinks, you hate for soft drinks will scare people who know you… 😁 

Then a 30 days meal plan (our Nigerian meals), this meal plan took over 5 months to perfect, and it includes all foods that heals the body and help it reach an alkaline state fast. 

Then a SPERM LEAKAGE/INFECTION NO MORE DRINK (this is a step by step guide on how to make the most potent drink from the comfort of your home, 100% POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE) – Stops sperm leakage in 8 days, get rid of infection, all kinds in 21 days!

Plus other 5 Bonuses! 

Then add you to my private group, where I would follow you up, answer all your questions and you meet other women in the program. 

All these for the price of a medium sized pizza and soft drinks! 

See what someone, who recently joined 2 days ago said about my program 


You’d be wowed at how easy it is to solve fertility issues naturally and you will become angry at how much you have wasted on WHAT Didn’t GIVE YOU ANY RESULT! 

It all start with HEALING YOUR BODY!