FIBROID 101: Why Surgery Is A Bad Idea

Most women opt for myomectomy (Fibroid Surgery) due to ignorance.

Imagine, after spending that hefty sum, and then the pains, then only a year later, you are told Fibroid has grown again! 🤯


Miscarriage: Causes & Prevention

This has been one of the most asked question….

So i would be talking about this

Now, Truth Be Told, You Can’t Prevent Miscarriage, But…

What You Can Do Is Prepare Yourself Not To Experience It.

It is painful enough for one to pass through the rigorous monitoring of menstrual period,  ovulation period and ovulation day,  and getting pregnant and only to lose such…

God forbid!!!

So here, tonight,  I would be showing you causes of miscarriages and…

  • How to ensure you never have it!
  • Foods to eat in each trimesters that helps
  • Foods to avoid
  • And other important information you need to know

First of all, miscarriage is a term used for a pregnancy that ends on its own within the first 20 weeks of gestation.

According to certain studies,  it is stated that most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks.

1 out of 4 women would experience a miscarriage in her lifetime.

There are many factors that can cause miscarriage in each trimester.

An average woman carries her pregnancy for nine months. This nine months is divided into three months each..

The first three months  are known as the first trimester…

The next three months  are known as the second trimester…

While the last three months are known as the third trimester…

In each of these three trimesters, there are certain foods and fruits you are expected to eat to help the development of your fetus.

This is because, throughout the nine months ‘fetus’ will feed from the food you are eating or the drinks you are taking. So it is important you eat healthy.

You see…

Miscarriages occurs for different reasons and at each trimester, it could be caused by a particular reason.

For example any miscarriage that occurs in the first trimester can be as a result of any of the following :

*** Chromosomal abnormality which are factors that are wrong with the baby’s chromosomes  and could be caused by

I. A damaged egg

II. A damaged sperm cell

III. Problem that came up as a result when the zygote went through the division process…

To put it mildly:

The expectant MOTHER’S health conditions plays a critical role in the fetus development  and can also affect her pregnancy…

Others include

*** Viral infections which can weaken the mothers immune system, thereby leading to a miscarriage.

*** Hormonal problems.

*** Infections

*** Smoking,  alcohol or excessive caffeine intake  and other dangerous lifestyle habits

*** Unhealthy eating habits

*** Age

*** Stress level

*** Trauma

*** other unexplainable factors

The good news is,  you can avoid having a miscarriage  if you just do the following:

  1. Exercise regularly.

It doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise,  especially when it is your first time of getting pregnant.

  1. Eat healthy foods

Eat both acidic and alkaline food in proportion of 30 to 70%.

  1. Learn to manage stress

Find a way to reduce your stress level. Engage in a brief walk in your garden, meditate, watch comedy movies etc..

  1. Eat Foods Rich In Folic Acid

Take foods rich in folic acid or supplements that has folic acid.

  1. Cut Off Certain Unhealthy Habits

Stop indulging in habits that would risk your pregnancy. And most of all… Try and avoid alcohol by all means.

Now,  there are certain food, fruits that have been discovered can cause miscarriage…

These are foods you must avoid by all means, though it depends on which trimesters that you are eating these foods.

Foods, Drinks And Fruits To Avoid Include:

They are listed as follows: Crabs, Pineapple, Green tea/caffeine, Processed meat, Alcohol, Unripe paw paw, Unwashed fruits, Undercooked or raw eggs, Foods with sugar or preservatives, Packaged juice.

Foods, Drinks And Fruits To Take:

Folic acid rich foods… Like spinach,  citrus fruits e.g grape fruit,  tangerine,  oranges, lemon etc.

These helps to develop the baby’s brain.

Grape fruit is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).

So if you are pregnant and you want your baby to be healthy,  strong and resistant to various  disease.

Drink a glass of grapefruit juice twice daily..

Oranges as I mentioned above. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in the growth of a baby and even improves your baby skin tone…

Eat eggs but it must be properly cooked… Not raw,  not half cooked.

Then fish,  like tilapia,  salmon fish, shrimp.

Then take folic acid supplements.

Plenty of rest and sleep.

Drink lots of water…

So tomorrow, I would be telling us the kind of fruits or foods to eat in each trimester!


What Kind Of Belief Do You Hold On To?


This is a long post, so I want you to take your time to read it…

You see, I have talked to tens of thousands of women both on phone, whatsapp and sometimes through messenger…

Most women, in one corner of their mind, thinks the problem of their infertility is due to the fact that someone is spiritually behind their case…


Imagine Waking Up Without Pains!

Imagine waking up without pain of any kind?

Imagine, immediately you wake up, you could move your arms and legs, and you feel really light unlike before when you feel bloated and constipated…

Imagine that feeling of heaviness all gone… and as you walk down the street, people are actually complimenting  you and you are literally glowing… Yup!


Fear: TTC Main Stumbling Block

I received a phone from a customer of mine who bought my fibroid and ovarian cyst package… 

She was so scared that you could hear the fear in her words…

“Emu! Please I need you to check the scan I just did… Remember, I have been using this your package for 2 months now?” but the man who did the test said the things are getting big…


100 Naira & Infertility

I was out yesterday, and I saw men and women consuming soft drinks like there was no man’s business… 

Most people would prefer to take a cold bottle of soft drinks, when they are thirsty, and ignore their thirst all together. 

When you are thirsty, it’s your body that is telling you your organs needs to be re-vitalized, when you take soft drinks, the body needs water to digest the sugar you just ingested..


How To Improve Your Chances of Conceiving by 500%

What if your choice of diet could be the cause of delay when it comes to getting pregnant?

I had a friend who always complained of seeing her period one day in her cycle, and just a few hours and her period is done till the next month. 

But her stomach pain was something else. 

I had told her to make a home-made drink and also told her to stop meat (of all and every kind); no turkey, chicken, beef, etc


Antibiotics and infertility!

Yesterday I was in a group on Facebook where a woman wrote that,

Her period had ceased for two months now, and she wasn’t pregnant and she’s worried.

Then I asked her the name of the antibiotics she used, and she was surprised how I knew it was antibiotics she took.


Food That Kills. Food That Heals.

Do you know
there are F
ood that kills.
And there are also Food that Heals? 

Now, Which one do you eat?

One that kills?

This type is the one you don’t know who cooked it. You don’t know the kind of ingredients that have been used. Are they fresh? Are they rotten? Was it cooked using microwave oven?



Truth be told, women are natural worriers! This is a good thing in many other aspect, but when it comes to TTC; this is a great disadvantage.

Few days ago, I received a call from Mrs. Q. (not. Real name)

She told me the exact following, “Sir! I have been trying to conceive and it is not happening!”