Antibiotics and infertility!

Yesterday I was in a group on Facebook where a woman wrote that,

Her period had ceased for two months now, and she wasn’t pregnant and she’s worried.

Then I asked her the name of the antibiotics she used, and she was surprised how I knew it was antibiotics she took.

Under her post came a comment, where a woman had been having recurring infection, for over 6 months…

And she said, “even after using antibiotics, I get relief for a few days and soon the symptoms returns.”

You see,

If you are the type using antibiotics for infection or Malaria symptoms, here’s what you are doing in a lay term explanation…

When you take antibiotics; you lower your immune system and for sometime, maim the infectious bacteria. 

That is, 

You are killing off the good bacteria that should be responsible for fighting off the bad bacteria!

You see, when you have uncontrollable cravings for soft drinks and sugar, these are the activities of the ‘bad’ bacteria.

You feed them, they grow into a colony and spread to your uterus.

Ever heard of ‘INFECTION OF THE UTERUS?’ No? But you have heard of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?


PID if not treated properly is the first leading cause of tubal blockage.

Antibiotics is designed to

1, hide symptoms and not get rid of infection

2, weaken your immune system – antibiotics cannot differentiate between good bacteria

This is why I developed one of the greatest home made infection killer drink!

5 commonly found items, and made into a powerful drink!

It boosts your immune system by supercharging your probiotics, and weakens the bacteria from its wall

It kills cravings for sugar and cravings for soft drinks… Just like that

Also, your choice of diet has a role to play; I have created a list of meal plan to eat for 30 days.

And many more details too numerous to mention.

👉 Smelly vagina – i will teach you a simple step to take care of that

👉 Vagina itch – thats a small issue as well.

This drink is the ultimate Infection killer

See the link below for step by step how it get rid of infection


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