100 Naira & Infertility

I was out yesterday, and I saw men and women consuming soft drinks like there was no man’s business… 

Most people would prefer to take a cold bottle of soft drinks, when they are thirsty, and ignore their thirst all together. 

When you are thirsty, it’s your body that is telling you your organs needs to be re-vitalized, when you take soft drinks, the body needs water to digest the sugar you just ingested..

So it borrows water from the reservoirs in your organs, and put too much pressure on your kidneys. 

Your vitals dont function at its optimal, and your body become really acidic. 

You are meant to drink at least 2 litres of water to have your system function at optimal. 

Today, water cost less than a bottle of soft drinks, the number one cause of ovulatory problem is SUGAR CONSUMPTION 


👉 Feeds infection

👉 Causes Low Libido

👉 Cause high level of acidity in the body 

👉 Causes massive weight-gain

👉 Increases the size of fibroids 

👉 Causes period to flow heavy

👉 Feeds bacteria in the body and make you become addicted 

👉 Etc

What if you cut off excess sugar? For the first benefit, how about improving your moods and reducing pains! 

Then incrrase in Libido? 

The benefit of staying away from sugar outweighs the benefit of consuming it. 

Do a 7 days No sugar challenge, and if nothing changes, I will give you this package below for free



Sugar, is your enemy if you are trying to conceive, cut it out today 

Have a blessed day, 

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