Good day,

The truth of everything here is this:

Nobody can help you. Not a doctor, not me, not anybody, except you…

I can only show you what to do, it is left for you to want to desire the result so bad that you would want to do it.

I have met so many women who complains about how much weight they lose when they start taking the alkaline solution, and when I ask them if they want to stop, some actually want to because they say, “People think I am sick…”

This same people you are trying satisfy are the same people who mock you behind your back. Some of them are even bold to do it to your face, and there is nothing you can do about it.

This Program Has Helped A Lot Of Women Like You…

You won’t have any problem if you begin to eat clean, drink clean water, exercise and sleep.

Our grannies had all these in abundance…

From clean food, to the purest of water, and good exercise daily (going to the market, to the farm or doing other tasking job) and they sleep well every night.

No One On Earth Can Help You, Except You…

You cant be healthy if you don’t exercise…

You don’t need to break your back, but just move around and sweat a bit!

Most of us sleep with our cellphone close to us; you are definitely going to be having electromagnetic transference interfering with your sleep.

Cell phones, laptops, Ipads and other wireless equipment needs to be removed away from the place you sleep… far far away…

Daddy would sit in a chair for over 4 hours, there are numerous facts out there that have stated that any man that sits for four hours for over a long period of time would shorten his lifespan far away!

In Our Programme, There Is No Easy Way Out…

You will work according to nature and that would include you doing the necessary things that needs to be done..and that means, you have to work for it…

Stop eating fatty foods (avoid every form of fry food for 6 months, believe me, you won’t die).

Stop eating foods that only causes problems in your system and start eating clean.

Over time, I have told many women to stop drinking water from plastic bottles, and they would ask me how is that possible?!

I have stopped taking such and I look two decades younger than my age!

You Can’t Achieve Miracles, You Have To Work For It.


I started a subscription group, where every month from 18th of January, 2017, I have shared amazing secrets, insights and do-it-yourself step-by-step guide you will never find anywhere on the internet with some set of special Individuals like you… and till this minute, it has been running…

In this subscribers group, each week by 8pm on Every Wednesday, we have a live seminar… Where you are expected to join, being a subscriber, and you can ask questions after the end of the seminar.

Then on any normal day, you can ask any question too…

Some of you here subscribed for the month of March and I hoped you did learn a lot?

Every single lecture was packed with tips and do-it-yourself, step by step guide to resolve the problem we focus on each day….

Since February and March, we have been having a total of 6-8 seminars each month.

So here’s the thing, if you decide to be a partaker of this MAY session, You would do yourself a great service… For example, look below:

Here are the topics we had on the month of March:

Seminar 1
7 Natural Ways To Boost The Male Sperm Count

Seminar 2
How To Resolve Hormonal Imbalance Naturally!

Seminar 3
How To Prepare Daddy To Be Maximally Ready During Your Ovulation Period

Seminar 4
7 Things You Must Observe In Your Daily Affair To a conceive Fast!

Seminar 5:
How To Dissolve/Eliminate Kidney Stones

These are the seminars we had in the month of April…

And we have created a guide from these seminars that is sold for #6000 as at the time of writing… See it…

This month of May would also be explosive…


Subscription has already started, and it is usually filled up fast!!!

So it is a first pay, first added basis


To become a member of our subscriber for this month, it is just #2000/Monthly

But then, only people who have bought the alkaline guide… This guide below:

…Can join the subscriber group because, most of what we are going to be discussing in our seminar are top secret that would wow you…

Unfortunately, We Are No More Running Subscription Programme Anymore

God bless you and hear your prayer fast!!!

Have a great day ahead!

Sincerely Yours,
Coach Emu

P.S. Always make sure you drink at least 6 glasses or about 8 glasses of water every day from today henceforth… this is without exception…

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My name is Omaovowere Emu. Most women in my program call me Coach Emu. I am a naturopath and I have taught, coached, and instructed several thousands of women all over the world on how to naturally tackle fertility challenges using natural items found around them. I have several success stories and I can't wait to add yours. Emu


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