When after many attempts at making a baby seems to be failing, it is not uncommon to find some women go into depression, anxiety or even stress themselves.

The thing, especially in our African culture is that, we have been conditioned by society and culture to believe that a couple is only normal as long as they have ‘tiny-patters’ (child-ren) running around the house.

When a woman is trying to get pregnant, everywhere she turns, she begin to see people with children, a baby always smiling at her, a woman carrying a baby close to her, lots of baby bumps (pregnant women) walking all around, and then she begins to think she is different.

Truth is: You are not different, but rather everyone is not the same.

Overtime, because of fear or anxiety, most women have resulted to engaging in more damaging effort in a bid to get their dream come true.

As a result, they have opened themselves up to a position where they have been exploited, drained, and some unlucky ones have been given far more dangerous experimental drugs, that have in one way or the other aggravated their situation.

As a woman trying to conceive, there are times you are ready and willing to do anything—anything at all, but then you have to be cautious about what you are taking into your system and how these things would affect your health on the long run.

Overtime, I have met many women who have been waiting for over 7 years, and only a mere change in their diet have transformed their lives.

The Body Is An Intricate Machine…

Science with all their advanced gadgets still finds something different from what they discovered a few years ago. This is because the human body evolves every generation.

Today, we are adapting to be way smarter than our grandparents; the speed at which we process information today is not the same rate they did during their time…

…all these are affecting how we act, react and behave.

But Nature Has The Answers To All Our Health Questions.

The benefits you derive from garlic (which has been a miracle cure during the Egyptian era when they were world powers) is still very much the same today.

It is the same with Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, aloe vera and many other natural fruits and herbs…

Likewise, it won’t change in the next 2,000 years from now…


Over the years, the same treatment known to treat one disease has changed in less than a few years, and new methods are being discovered over and over and new discoveries are made and each procedures needs ‘lab rats’ to be used to carry out the experiment.

Nature has endowed us with everything; they are all at our beck and call, and most important is that these things are far cheaper and safer than drugs or surgery

Please Don’t Get Me Wrong: Modern Medicine Has Its Role To Play.’

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 12 months of unprotected sex all through a decade, as long as your womb hasn’t been tampered with in the past, then going back to nature is your first step…

…healing won’t be overnight, but there is every guarantee that healing would surely take place.

This guide is written especially for you, if you have been trying to conceive for some time now. Here are the things you need to know while waiting.

I am of a high opinion that this would change your life and your outlook for ever.

To your Getting Pregnant Fast,
Coach Emu

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My name is Omaovowere Emu. Most women in my program call me Coach Emu. I am a naturopath and I have taught, coached, and instructed several thousands of women all over the world on how to naturally tackle fertility challenges using natural items found around them. I have several success stories and I can't wait to add yours. Emu

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