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"I Will Teach You How To Make A Simple Home-made, Potent and Powerful Drink That Can Get Rid Of Any & All Kind Of Infection From Your System, Boost Your Libido, Eliminate All Kinds of Food, Sugar and Soft Drinks Cravings Completely & Get Rid Of Sperm Leakage After Sex & Have A Glowing Skin!"

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Dear TTC Mum,

My name is Emu Omoavowere, and the women in my program call me "Coach Emu."

I am a naturopath, fertility specialist and a nutritionist.

My main mission, since 2016, is to spread smiles over the face of families all over to the world and also to help as many women get healthy, and in turn heal their bodies and improve their ovulatory health so as to get pregnant, irrespective of what the issue is.

Since 2016, I have heard many impossible cases that were so hopeless, the women involved already had given up before they heard about my programme…  


...the hopelessness of their issue turned around just by a mere change in diet and making home made drinks from the very comfort of their homes…  

…this transformed their lives and today, they are mothers; and  are living healthy and happily!

These women are like the average Nigerian women who have bought into every kind of scams, like miracle drugs, concoction and MLM littered all over social media that has promised them their dreams would come true…

...but did not just shatter it, it also caused more damages to their over-all ovulatory health…  

Now, at, I have identified the many issues that causes infertility problems and have divided the process into THREE SIMPLE STAGES. 


At this stage, you don’t need to do anything but simply run a test first.

Many women have been told, one drugs, supplements, concotions etc can take care of every fertility issue, and so they ‘bundled’ every fertility issue as one…

So, the seller don’t need to individually educate you on the different fertility issue, and how it can be addressed. 

But Here Is The Truth

You have a higher chance of getting results if and only if, you tackle the issue from the root cause.

The only way to know the exact problem is TO RUN A TEST, SCAN, HVS, etc.

This first stage is to PINPOINT exactly what the problem is… And Once This is Done...

You Won't Be Shooting In The Dark Blindly...

...looking for a solution you don't really need...

but rather, you already have a direction  and then know what to take care of…


 Most fertility programs don’t even talk about this stage at all. Fertility issues is categorized into two classes—     

i.   THE MINDSET and  


...When it comes to finding a lasting solution to every fertility issue.

You can take care of the body but without taking care of the mindset, the result of your hardwork might be far-fetched from becoming a reality!

I refer to mindset as just a mere belief shift.

This is when you say some affirmations every morning; speaking them to yourself as you wake up and as you are about to sleep.

Very simple thing to do and has a very powerful positive impact on your mind. But then, no one is teaching you how to do this. It is as simple as saying things like:


All you simply have to do is saying the above affirmations aloud to yourself thrice daily, this is enough to do something miraculous to your MINDSET

There are other things to do as well to jumpstart your mindset to believing you are FERTILE as well…

All these affirmations are so important when Trying To Conceive.

Then the other part of this STAGE TWO is...

...Preparing The Body...

...this is the B part of the stage where you would need to: 

  1. BALANCE your pH level by reducing the acidity in the body and improving the alkaline state.

  2. Eliminate toxins that causes blockage in your system.

  3. Eliminate accumulated wastes from the body…

  4.  Improve and Speed up your metabolism…

  5. Eating right…

  6. Improving the quality of your eggs…

  7. Losing weights… while improving your fertility chances by over 50%!

This Second stage is so IMPORTANT that...


...go through this stage…

Whether you are trying to conceive, or get rid of growth of any and all kind in the body... or  just to get healthy.

This Second stage alone has been responsible for over 60% of women getting pregnant in the COACH EMU FERTILITY PROGRAM! 

Stage of HEALING

This stage is mandatory for women who have other fertility issue that relates to UNWANTED GROWTH IN THE BODY like

  • Fibroid,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Adhesion,
  • Ovarian Cyst,
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),
  • Tubal blockage,
  • Ceased Period,
  • Premature Menopause,
  • ...and all kinds of Menstrual Disorder!

...go through this Stage

 This stage combines diet, a lifestyle change and Making of Potent Home Supplements and other Natural Supplements that take care of all these issue completely from the very root…

This stage is 80% Guaranteed to resolve the issue completely and no side effect whatsoever.

You’d be pleasantly surprised how you can heal yourself with NATURE’S GIFT that can be found around you. 

Now, those above are the three stages that exists in my program…

...This Page Focuses On Stage 2 of My Program... THE PREPARATION STAGE

This stage Two is for every woman who wants to follow a natural path of fertility, after trying so many things that has failed...

This is mainly for women with the following issue… 

  • Women struggling to lose weight 
  • Women experiencing Sperm leakage after sex
  • Women experiencing Infection of all and any kind
  • Women who want to work on their diet; differentiating between the kind of food that boost fertility and reduces fertility… Drinks to take etc   
  • Women who want to have control over their cravings for food and soft drinks or any drink of all and any kind.
  • Women who want to completely eliminate bloating and constipation etc
  • Women who want to improve their libido (Chai! Your partner needs to be at home ooo because you will become really horny, even if your libido has been dead like Lazarus, it will arise in few days) I am really serious about your partner being around.

This stage TWO is going to completely prepare you, no matter what the issue you are presently experiencing.

...See What Other Women Have Said About this Stage of my program...

...Now, the package that makes up this stage includes the following...

This is a 2-in-1 Package called The Infection Dissolving manual (A step by step guide that teaches you how to make your OWN POWERFUL ANTIBIOTIC DRINK from the very comfort of your home) –This drink will not only SUPERCHARGE your IMMUNE SYSTEM, but also stop sperm leakage after sex in just 8 Days Only!!!

  • Helps Supercharge Your Immune System, and eliminate Rogue bacteria

  • Stops sperm leakage in just 8 Days 
  • Eliminate all kinds of foul odour or smell 
  • Takes care of this issue from inside and help clear all and every form of infection.
  • Contains Step by step how to use Home made items to produce one of the best natural ANTIBIOTICS in the world from the comfort of your home.

The Alkaline Solution Manual (A step by step manual that contains how to make a powerful and potent 300 naira home made drink from the comfort of your home)

  • The Ingredients Required To Make Alkaline Solution - This Is Less Than =N=300
  • Why The Knowledge of pH Is Vital To Life.
  • 3 Step-By-Step Methods To Make The Alkaline Solution (Each Method Still Cost Less Than =N=200)
  • List of Over 100 Alkaline Foods That You Must Begin To Eat If You Want To See Results Fast
  • List Of Over 100 Acidic Foods That You Must Avoid If You Want To See Results Fast (These Are The Foods Feeding The Bacteria In Your System).
  • Healthy Eating Habits That Will Ensure You Are Living Healthy.
  • How To Cook Your Vegetables And Other Cooking Methods That Ensures The Nutrients In Your Food Is Preserved.
  • Water Drinking habits You Must Follow For Healthy Living. (If You Are Not Drinking According To Your Size, You Are Doing Yourself Grievous Harm).
  • Why You Must Avoid Any Drink, Water Or Beverages That Are In Plastic Containers.
  • A Little Solution That Can Turn Any Water Into Ionized Water (Great For Health).
  • And many more
  • This Drink Helps To Remove Most Of The Toxins That Inhabits Your Body.
  • This Drink Will Kill Your Cravings For Binge Eating
  • Reduces Your Cravings For Sugar
  • Helps You Improve on Your Water Drinking Habits
  • It Balances Your pH Level by Increasing your Alkaline Level and Reducing Your Acidic Level
  • It Eliminate Toxins From Your System
  • It Help You In Controlling Your Appetite and having control over how you eat
  • It Would Aid You In Losing Weight
  • It Boosts Your Libido
  • And Many More...

The Fertility Boosting Meal Plan (this contains well-researched foods that improves your fertility rate really fast—what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and what to do to improve your chacnes of getting pregnant during your fertile window).

This guide contains the difference between ALKALINE & ACIDIC Foods & Drinks where you will be taught how to eat healhty foods and avoid unhealthy foods that have caused problems in your system!

30 Days Fertility Boosting Meal Time-Table contains foods that would are to be eaten during breakfast, lunch and dinner and also what to eat during your ovulation period (fertile window)

  • It Would Show You Foods That Needs To Be Avoided
  • It Would Show You Foods That Aids Your Ovarian Health And You Need To Consume More Of
  • It Would Show You How To Make Healthy Teas That Strengthen Your Immune System
  • The Kind Of Food That Boosts Fertility
  • The Kind of Diet To Consume During Your Fertile Window
  • And Many More...

This Guide contains 3 Simple  Stupid method to Accurately Pinpoint Your Ovulation Period and Fertile Window – the number one cause of some women fertility issue is CYCLE CONFUSION. Hint: Not every woman ovulate on day 14, some ovulate even on day 21 of their cycle. You would learn the secret of how a primary 6 student can accurately calculate ovulation day!

  • How To Calculate Your Ovulation Day (Do You Know The Egg Lasts only 12 to 24 hours after released?) - You Will Learn How to Pinpoint This Ovulation Day

  • How To Calculate Your Ovulation Period (Your Fertile Window) - There are 6 Days In A Cycle That You  Are most likely To Conceive - You will learn how to pinpoint these 6 days
  • The Two Kinds of Cycle and the Difference Between A Normal Cycle & Abnormal Cycle
  • What Hinders Sperm To Not Being Able To Swim Towards The Egg!
  • The Three Simple, Stupid Method That will Guarantee You Pinpoint Your Ovulation Period and Ovulation Day!
  • And Many More...

This Guide contains 2 Simple Stupid Home made drinks that would help Boost your chances of conceiving by 500%

  • What Alkaline forming foods are; and what Acidic Forming Foods are.

  • A Fertility Smoothie That Would Boost Your Chances of Conceiving By 500%

  • How To Determine The Sex of Your Baby
  • A Simple Natural Alkaline Douching That Will Boost Your Chances of Conceiving by 500%
  • etc

This package is NORMALLY =N=15,000 Naira, but because you might just be joining my program, this is   

This offer expires exactly 12 Midnight on 30th of Wednesday, 2020!   And you know the best part of this offer? You have 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…   Meaning, after joining the TELEGRAM GROUP and making the drinks I teach you how to make and use for the next 30 Days, and you didn’t really see any improvement…   You simply ask for your money back in the group, and I, Emu Omoavowere, will refund you completely, No questions asked, and you can keep the guides…

=N=7,000 Naira

...Only Just for the next 72 hours...  

Now, if you decide to take up this offer right now, before the count-down below counts 0.0.0, you will get the THE BIG BOOK OF SECRETS 2 FOR FREE AS WELL... See what it contains Below...

24-Hour Response Bonus

There are Many secrets spread across its pages. This 81 paged book reveals a lot of little known secrets most women trying to conceive are not aware of including:

  • Lecture #7 - Hormones 101: Things That Can Help Balance Hormones Fast
  • Lecture #8 - Types of Infertility & What To Do About It
  • Lecture #9 - How To Make One Of The Most beneficial Soup For TTC Women During Their Ovulation Period!!!
  • Lecture #10 - Your Emotions & How It Affects Your Hormones!!!
  • Lecture #11 - Exercise As Part of Healing Your System!!
  • Lecture #12 - THE Cause of Infertility In  A Lay Man's Language!
  • Lecture #13 - Can Stress Cause Infertility? Relationship Betweeen Your Temperament, Stress And Infertility
  • Lecture #14 - Irregular Menstruation & What To Do About It
  • Lecture #15 - The Sun Protocol
  • Lecture #16 - What To Do When Waiting
  • Lecture #17 - The 9 Keys For The Woman Trying To Conceive (1 - 4)
  • Lecture #18 - The 9 Keys cont'd (5 -9)
  • Lecture #19 - 10 Uncommon SECRETES TO A HEALTHY OVARY (1 - 4)
  • Lecture #20 - 10 Uncommon SECRETS TO A HEALTHY OVARY (5 -10)
  • Lecture #21 - 4 Major Reasons Why Infertility Occur
  • Lecture #22 - Uncommon Ways To Purify Your Drinking Water
  • Lecture #23 - How To Prepare Daddy To Be Maximally Ready Before your Ovulation Period
  • Lecture #24 - 7 Things That Must Be Observed In Your Daily Affair
  • Lecture #25 - Miscarriage: Causes And Prevention
  • Lecture #26 -  FOODS, FRUITS AND WHAT to do in each trimester
  • Lecture #28 -  GENDER SELECTION tips
  • Access to me on WHATSAPP 24/7 In case there is any other question you want to ask

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Interested? Here's What You Need To Do!

1, Send your payment of =N=7,000 naira to GTBank, Emu Omoavowere, 001 518 2068  

2, Chat me up on WhatsApp by clicking the link below that links to Whatsapp, or click this >>> 

3, Send me your screenshot, name and email to the Whatsapp comment box.  

4, Also send me your TELEGRAM number and I would send you the packages and add you Immediately to the group.  

As simple as that…

Or you can call me on 09033644587 if you want to speak with me first…

You Know The Best Part? 

You Have a 30-Days Money back Guarantee...

Meaning, after joining the TELEGRAM GROUP and making the drinks I teach you how to make and use for the next 30 Days, and you didn’t really see any improvement…  

You simply ask for your money back in the group, and I, Emu Omoavowere, will refund you completely, No questions asked, and you can keep all the guides and bonuses…

Why Am I Making This Kind Of Guarantee?

 It’s because more than tens of thousands of women have used this same step-by-step manual to solve all the issues I listed in stage 2... And I am 101% Guaranteed that you will also get the exact same results...

To your getting healthy, happy and Pregnant,
Emu Omoavowere Naturopath,
Fertility & Health Wellness Coach

P.S.  Please and please, this offer is only valid as at now and it might revert back to =N=15,000 (in case you saw this after this day, please take note

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