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Dear Struggling TTC Mum,

Do you experience sperm leakage after Oga has released his sperm and yet immediately you stand up, everything just leaks out?

Do you experience hotness of the stomach? Then worry not, I am here to tell you how to stop it completely in 8 days from today!!!

First of all, my name is Emu Omoavowere, I am a naturopathfemale fertility expertnutritionist and weightloss expert and most people I have helped know me by the name, 'Coach Emu'.

I Know You Might Have Tried Everything To Make the Sperm Stop Leaking Out After Sex.

You might have read or heard that you should support your back with pillow...

or even heard that you need to lie down for about 10 to 30 minutes after sex...

Yet, after doing all these, the sperm still leaks out... I am about to show you how to stop that in less than a few days from now...

But Before I Tell You the following:

  • How To Stop Sperm Leakage
  • What Causes This Sperm Leakage and...
  • How You Can Permanently Stop Sperm Leakage,

Let Me Show You How I Helped Other Women Like You Fix This Issue...


Jen had been married for 24 months but no matter how much she tried, sperm would always leak out of her system.

After going for test, she discovered SHE HAD INFECTION.

But just 8 days when she started the step by step instruction I gave her, it stopped permanently.


Student Set 11 - 136 (Not real name) didn’t have infection, and she doesn’t have any issue according to her test result...

But no matter how long she lies back after sex, the sperm just leaks out; every single time.

The doctor she visited have told her, “You don’t have any issue, just rest and everything will be alright.”

But then she knew there was a problem! In less than 8 days, after following my step by step instruction… It stopped…

Let Me Educate You

There are three main reason sperm leaks out of your vagina after sex!

You see, getting pregnant is just as a simple case of the sperm travelling towards your egg during ovulation, but if the sperm doesn’t fertilize your egg, pregnancy can never occur.

A woman is not supposed to have a drop of sperm leak out of her vagina after sex, except, for one or more of the reason I am going to list below  

Reasons For Seminal (Sperm) Leakage

  • Hostile or Abnormal Cervical Mucus
  • Unhealthy Sexual Habits
  • Diet
  • Infection
  • Quality Of Sperm

Hostile/Abnormal Cervical Mucus

If you or you have heard many women say, “I have hotness of the stomach” or “my womb is hot..." 

...this is known as hostile or abnormal cervical mucus.  

When the vaginal environment is hostile to sperm, it kills off the sperm before it ever makes any attempt to start its journey towards the egg.

The leakage you see are dead sperm being killed by the vaginal environment...

Unhealthy Sexual Habits

Have you been dried during sex and your partner just couldn’t wait only to use “SPIT” or “OTHER OIL” as lubrication?  

Spit, Vaseline, and other lubricants are spermicide (they kill sperm flat out)

...instead of using these, you should consider using “WATER!"  Clean Water.


There are foods that are acidic (unhealthy);

...these are foods and drinks that would make your cervical mucus hostile to sperm in a few seconds.  

Women who eat these foods or take these liquids during ovulation are making their vaginal environment hostile to sperm.  

So alkaline foods help your vaginal environment sperm-friendly.


“Some studies have revealed that women with infections will make the immune system to release anti-sperm antibodies within the vaginal tract which attack the sperm and lowers the chance of fertilization.”  

This means, when you have vaginal infection or you are always having discharge, your body is taking charge of eliminating any ‘foreign’ thing coming into your body, including sperm!  

When you have infection, you have an hostile vaginal environment, and there is no way sperm can survive more than a few seconds in a hostile/unfriendly environment.  

The minute sperm is released by your partner, the ‘infectious’ bacteria kills them off, then it results to leaking out as the sperm have been rendered inactive.

Quality Of The Male Sperm

The quality of the male partner’s sperm also have a role to play when it comes to sperm leakage. If unhealthy, it could cause issues, one of which is sperm leakage...

For example: The Sperm is divided into three parts, as follows:

  • The Head
  • The Body (Which Provides Energy)
  • The Tail (for Movement)

But Not To Worry...

The Women who have used my step-by-step instruction did three simple things to achieve this result!

  • STEP  #1 - They made a simple home-made drink for 28days (costs less than #300 to make it for that 28 days)
  • STEP  #2 - They differentiated between Nigerian foods and drinks that are sperm friendly and Nigerian foods and drinks that are sperm killers.
  • STEP #3 - In case they had infection, they made a very powerful drink that eliminated “Infection” permanently and improved their immune system.

Introducing ...

Those simple steps I mentioned above can be found in SPERM LEAKAGE NO MORE PACKAGE...

***This is not a drug***

***This is not a supplement***

It contains step by step how to make a very powerful drink and...

I will show you how you can prepare this yourself without leaving the comfort of your home or waste money going to hospital or buying drugs that don’t work…


The Sperm Leakage No More Package Contains the following Step-by-step, easy to use, instructional manuals

MANUAL 1 - The Alkaline Solution

This e-guide will Show You STEP-BY-STEP How To Make A Powerful Drink That Completely Fix A Lot Of Things Wrong In Your Body In 2 - 4 Weeks!!!"  

It Is A Simple #300 Home-Made, Easy-to-Make Drink That Can Give You The Following Benefits:

  • Eliminates Cravings For Soft Drinks The Body (Which Provides Energy)
  • Eliminates Cravings For Sugary Things
  • Helps You Control Your Appetite
  • Helps You Drink More Water (to stay hydrated)
  • Eliminates Toxins From Your System
  • Even Helps You Lose Weight in DAYS!!!

This drink cost #300 or less To Make For 3 Person, even for the Whole 2 - 4 weeks you would be using it...

It is so easy and simple to make that:

  • #1 - It takes less than 2 minutes to make (no exaggeration whatsoever)
  • #2 - It is easier to make, even a 3 year-old can make it
  • #3 - The item to make this drink is cheap (at most #300) and can be found easily, even though it costs #6000 in Jumia. (I will Show You Where to get it around you for #300 or less, even if you live under a rock!)

This e-book Will Also Teach you:  

  • 1 - How To Make This Drink Step-by-Step ...
  • 2 - Where To Get The "Single" Ingredient Needed To Make This Drink for just #300 or Less, even if you live under a rock! ...
  • 3 - The 3 Different Variety Of This Drink You Can Make (If You Are Trying To Lose Weight, number 2 would make you lose weight very fast) ...

The thing is that, "Over 75% Of Women Who Bought This Guide Already Have The Item To Make This Drink At Home!  

*** This drink is natural

*** This drink is very effective

*** This drink is not bitter  

Infact, It takes less than 60 seconds to make this drink from start to finish...

I will show you step by step how to make this drink in this guide above…

Anyone can make at the comfort of their homes without paying anyone a dime...

MANUAL 2 - The 30 Days Meal Plan...

 This guide contains over 30 days meal time-table.  

It would also show you:

  •  #1 - Foods that are acidic; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be hostile ...
  •  #2 - Foods that are alkaline; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be friendly ...
  • #3 - It has what is known as "liquid diet" this is the kind of food you are to eat especially when you are ovulating....
  • #4 - A 30 days’ meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...
  • #5 -  Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) ...
  • #6 - and many more ...


  • The Natural Drink In This guide would help you fight off infection really fast - especially if you have been treating it for a long time using antibiotics!
  • What You Need To Make This drink are right now in your cupboard (98% Guaranteed) and they are cheap as well to buy!
  • It helps you create white blood cells that fights off infection and improves your immune system
  • I will show you a method of getting rid of vaginal odours in few days using this guide.

Why It  Works Fast...

These three guides Will stop sperm leakage, now and permanently because...

  • You don’t need to buy any drugs; Infact, drugs would make your system acidic!
  • You don’t need to buy any supplement as well.
  • These guides contain natural and holistic, step-by-step system, with no side effect.  
  • Just follow the steps listed and you will enjoy total freedom from sperm leakage (and as a bonus—You’d be free from infections).
  • See what other women said below

How Much Will All These Cost ...

Take a look at the value of What you would be getting...

The Alkaline Solution

The 30 Days Meal Plan

The Infection No More Guide






But this is not what you would be paying...

These step-by-step guides to eliminating sperm leakage is by far the most complete and effective system you can ever find anywhere on Earth!  

It is the only HOLISTIC STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP TO PERMANENTLY solve the sperm leakage.  

But the good news is this won’t cost you the average #50,000 - #100,000 some doctors would charge, even though the drugs won’t work.

Neither will it cost you #30,000 that the massager will charge you to massage your womb in place, and yet sperm leakage will still occur, and at the end, they say your womb is hot…

It won’t even cost you #15,000 (or more) that have cost you in buying different drugs that you have been using, putting your health into jeopardy.

Normally to get just the alkaline solution guide alone to make the “alkaline solution” would cost #5,000… (even at this price, it is a steal)  

But right now, if you get these guides, you would pay  

#14,999 ONLY


That's Not All You'll Be Getting...

If you pay now, this would make you eligible to be added to my FACEBOOK SECRET GROUP as well, and you would also be added to my WHATSAPP PRIVATE GROUP (where I would be at hand to assist or put your through anytime you have a question)! - You are covered 24/7/365

P.S. take note, this group can only accommodate 256 persons and presently, I have about 197 person as at the time of writing.  

Also these guides are in PDF (soft copies or digital copies) format, and can be read on your phone, PC, Tablet, Ipad, and you can print it out if you like as well…

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I Offer you an iron-clad money back guarantee... if after buying the guide and after 14 days, you still experience sperm leakage...

simply contact/Call me, and I will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

There are two options on how to place your order.

ALSO REMEMBER: I will teach you how to do all these (stop sperm leakage, and boost your immune system) step by step so you can have the knowledge FOREVER!!! 

Below is...

Option 1:
Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N9,999  into any of the Bank Below;

BankGuaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
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Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
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BankZenith Bank
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
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STEP 2: After payment, send a text message , containing the following:

FACEBOOK NAME ( I would Also Add You To My Secret Facebook Group)  


As soon as we get the information, we will send the guides to your email or whatsapp or any other medium you desire...

P.S. They are soft copies that would be delivered Immediately After Your Payment Is Confirmed So You Can Start As Soon As Possible....

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access to read it INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

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Coach Emu (Emu Omaovowere)

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