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My name is Coach Emu. I am a NATUROPATH – Someone who help people get solution to health issues using natural method

The bare truth is, “Not everyone would be willing to allow me help them…”

But, I have helped a lot of women like you find solution to their infertility problems, for years now…

And I want you to pay attention, most women DO NOT REALLY HAVE ANY ISSUE

Because of the experience I have had in this field, I can boldly tell you that, most of you women are suffering needlessly…

Needlessly because, every time you take a drug into your system, you end up causing a chain reaction to your system…

Drugs don’t really cure anything but rather remove the symptoms of the problem

Nature created everything you will ever need to be healthy all around you and they are free…

For example: “the maker of antibiotics made it to mimic garlic and turmeric!”

If you do take antibiotics; it kills both the probiotics and disease-causing bacteria, thereby lowering your immune system

Are You following????

I believe you are…Good… Let’s continue…

But garlic and turmeric knows what is not supposed to be in your system and they take care of them…

The problem we are facing today, didn’t start today…

It is as a result of a long term habit of food, drinks, lifestyle, drugs intake etc.

Listen, you can buy all the supplement in the world and swallow all the drugs in the world…But as long as you are still taking drugs… You are not healthy

The natural body or healthy body is supposed to be alkaline

But right now… Most of our bodies are acidic

Sometime when I tell women who are trying to conceive for more than 12 month not to eat eba, yam or beans… They frown and say that’s our Nigerian food

It Is… but…

Most of these foods nowadays are grown with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides…

These artificial things get into your system and cause massive damage

such as being overweight, ovulatory issues, cravings that can’t be controlled, weakened immune system and other health challenges

Then take into account the source of water we drink daily…

Some of these bottled water have been there in the factory for weeks, and sometimes months, until they are shipped out to be sold…

Imagine the quality of such water…

Why did our parents and grannies not suffer most of the problem we suffer in the big cities today?

It was because their source of water was mostly the stream or sometimes the rainwater…

Water is not supposed to be sealed…it contains oxygen… Air…Any water that is covered smells; it gets contaminated…

And when iced, you won’t even notice that it tastes different or that the smell is contaminated…

Contaminated water is what many of us consume today in form of bottled water or sachet water

Then we talk about supplement…

I hope you are following?

Good! onwards…

One day, some company massively promoted the benefits of taking supplement and Nigerians went haywire

Most of these supplements does not contain whatever is listed on their pack, nor in their advertisement!

I can go on and on, but the bottom-line is this:

There is no drug in this world that can solve any infertility or health issue if you don’t take into account this two factors:

i.                    FOOD

ii.                  LIFESTYLE

You can view and see the 1000s of testimonies from women who have simply followed my instructions…

Getting rid of infertility issue is mostly in three stages

This is first knowing where the issue is (by running a test in a reputable hospital)

Then start working on cleaning up your diet, eliminate toxins from your system and living a healthy lifestyle…

Then completely finding a permanent, and natural solution to the issue you found out in stage One…

Simply put, no matter the issue your test presented to you; fibroid, infection, Sperm leakage, ovarian Cysts, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis etc…

Your first step, irrespective of whatever the issue is to start working on your diet…

There are foods that are acidic, that causes problems to your body and to your ovarian health; find a way to eliminate these…

And there are foods that are alkaline, that are beneficial to your health and your body; begin to consume these types



There are three causes of infertility




You need to know exactly where the problem is, that is the first step of finding a lasting and permanent solution

Please understand the difference between CAUSES OF INFERTILITY and SYMPTOMS OF INFERTILITY

For example, a woman can have a blocked fallopian tube….

If she flushes it, it won’t stop it from being blocked again and again and again, no matter how many times she flushes it…

This is because, you are only taking care of the symptom and not the cause. So knowing the cause would help you find a permanent solution to it…

So when they say you have hormonal imbalance, you need to understand that – If you are stressed, your body would produce cortisol than other hormones…

Running a test would show you have high level of cortisol, but a doctor would tell you it is hormonal imbalance!

Same thing with a woman who secretes liquid from her breast…

she has what is known as (Hyperprolactinemia) or high prolactin, something a woman who is breastfeeding or who is pregnant produces…

When a woman have hyperprolactinemia, she won’t ovulate, and if she is not ovulating, she can’t get pregnant…

Same with a woman who has PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome)

First, you should know that there are five types of PCOS; and a woman suffering from PCOS actually was exposed to an excess hormones called ANTI-MULLERIAN hormones in the mother’s womb…

So you just need to know that drugs won’t take care of the issue…so Stop wasting your money…

What you need to do is just begin to observe some healthy habits like:

i. Sleeping right

ii. Drinking enough water

iii. Eating the right food and many more

On this website, I just want you to know that what we do here is natural

I don’t sell supplement; neither do I prescribe it or any drug for that matter

so if you are looking to conceive, first clean up unhealthy habits… and work on losing weight first and foremost, no matter the issue you are having

I am mainly into teaching women exactly HOW THEY CAN MAKE THE MOST POWERFUL DRINKS and to also know how to EAT HEALTHY TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST thereby eliminating toxins from their system

So I have written detailed, step by step instructional manual on how to make these adjustments to your life and also drinks that can help your adjust your system, and a whole lot of things…NO MATTER WHERE THE ISSUE LIES…

Once you know first step (THAT IS, WHAT THE ISSUE IS)




So, I want you to get the guides and prepare the drinks in them and also avoid the food to eat and the ones to avoid…

For example, If you experience sperm leaking out of your vagina after sex with your husband, you have what is called ABNORMAL CERVICAL MUCUS or HOSTILE CERVICAL MUCUS…

This is caused by a HIGH LEVEL OF ACIDITY IN THE SYSTEM. This in turn leads to sperm leakage… where you experience sperm leaking out of your body after sex!

The two guides I mentioned above can help you fix them and also a whole lot of other issues like:

i. Weight loss

ii. Balancing the pH level of the system

iii. Eliminating cravings for soft drink,

iv. Eliminating binge eating habits etc.

So there is no problem as I have stated, just have the right mindset and work on what you eat and especially understand that there is a mind-body connection

Knowing and doing these little things can change a lot of things for you…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =



This guide will show you “How To Make A Powerful Drink That Completely Fix A Lot Of Things Wrong In Your Body In 2 – 4 Weeks!!!”

Imagine just a #300 Home-Made, Simple To Make Drink Can Give You The Following Benefits:

*** Eliminates Cravings For Soft Drinks

*** Eliminates Cravings For Sugary Things

*** Helps You Control Your Appetite

*** Helps You Drink More Water (You Need At Least 6 Glasses Of Water Daily)

*** Eliminates Toxins From Your System

*** And A Whole Lots of Other Benefits…

This drink cost less than #300 To Make For 3 Person, even for the Whole 2 – 4 weeks you would be using it…

*** It takes only 2 minutes to make

*** It is easier to make, even your 3 year-old can make it

*** The item to make this drink is cheap (at most #300) and can be found easily, even though it costs #6000 in Jumia

This e-book Will also teach you:

1. How To Make This Drink Step by Step

2. Where To Get The “Single” Ingredient Needed To Make This Drink, even if you live under a rock!

3. The 3 Variations or Kinds You Can Make, Number 2 Would Help you in more ways you can think (even losing weight)

The thing is that, “Over 75% Of Women Who Bought This Guide Already Have The Item To Make This Drink At Home!

*** This drink is natural

*** This drink is very effective

*** It is not bitter

Anyone can make at the comfort of their homes without paying anyone a dime…


This guide contains over 30 days meal timetable.

*** It talks about food to eat and avoid during your ovulation period

*** It has what is known as “liquid diet” this is the kind of food you are to eat especially when you are ovulating.

*** A 30 days meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

*** Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) and many more

It would also show you:

*** Foods that are acidic; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be hostile

*** Foods that are alkaline; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be friendly

*** A 30 days’ meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

*** Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) and many more


Click on the link to DOWNLOAD them right now, and start using them right away!!!



Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N4,999  into any of the Bank Below;

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
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STEP 2: After payment, send a text message (No Phone call please!), containing the following:

i. Name of The Person Who Made The Payment
iii. Bank You Made Payment To


As soon as we get the information, we will send the guides to your email or whatsapp or any other medium you desire, and add you to both our PRIVATE WHATSAPP GROUP AND PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP…

P.S. They are soft copies that would be delivered Immediately After Your Payment Is Confirmed So You Can Start As Soon As Possible….

Have a great day ahead,
Coach Emu

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My name is Omaovowere Emu. Most women in my program call me Coach Emu. I am a naturopath and I have taught, coached, and instructed several thousands of women all over the world on how to naturally tackle fertility challenges using natural items found around them. I have several success stories and I can't wait to add yours. Emu

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