The Ultimate Step-by-Step System To Restore Seized (No Period) or Irregular Period Without Any Drugs or Supplements!!!

I am going to Show You step By Step How To Restore Your Seized or Irregular Period Naturally!!!

Last year alone, over 136 Women Got Pregnant Following My Step By Step Instructions...

This is something I want to show you in this letter today, and if you can read this page to the end... I promise to show you how you can completely, holistically, and naturally restore your monthly flow without side effect

You Will Learn:

  • You'll discover the most important thing missing in all FERTILITY PROGRAMMES in Nigeria and all over the world; HINT: Doing this one thing would increase your chance of getting your system in shape quickly and recover your body from going to menopause when you are still very much active...
  • I am going to offer you a simple means to make one of the most powerful and potent drink that can take care of a lot of ovarian issues and help you RESTORE YOUR PERIOD FASTER!!!
  • How To get complete solution including taking care of other conception issue...

Dear Sister,

First, If you are not in your 50's and you have a seized period (AMENORRHEA), please believe it, you are not in a menopausal stage yet...

I have met a lot of women who are below 50 and have given up hope that they are already in their menopausal stage all because they are no more seeing their periods any longer, this is usually the opposite. 

There are a lot of issues that can cause your period to seize, and these issues are what have given you signs before now but you just ignored them!

  • Irregular Menstruation: When Your Period flows for a few days instead of the normal 3 to 5 days, and then all of a sudden it becomes once in two months and dwindles to less than 5 or more a year!
  • Lack of Exercise: When a woman cannot exercise for a few minutes daily; Just a 30-minute walk would do your body a great health benefit.
  • Diet: The quality of food or drink you consume on a daily basis would determine the quality of health you would enjoy
  • Abuse of Drugs: Especially taking drugs to force your body to act unnatural e.g. Clomid, Postinor 2, antibiotics and certain medication.
  • Infection: Long history of untreated infection can make your period to stop flowing e.g. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Candidiasis or Staph etc.
  • Fibroid: In some cases, fibroid as well can stop your period from flowing as well
  • PCOS or Ovarian Cysts: Cysts can as well contribute to your seized menses
  • Hormonal Imbalances: This is as a result of either Fibroid, Infection, PCOS, Ovarian Cysts, High Prolactin etc
  • OverWeight: If you are obese or you are getting overweight, this might also be the cause

There is no known drug that can restore a seized period back at a go, this is due to the singular fact the cause of seized period is different for each woman.

Likewise, many doctors have classified symptoms as causes thereby making it very difficult for women to actually know the causes of their seized period.

To find a permanent solution to this problem, it starts with knowing the cause of your issue in the first place.

The cause can be discovered mainly by the symptoms associated with it.

There are thousands of proof by Scientists all over the world that: DIET plays a huge role in every successful infertility treatment!

This is one thing missing in nearly all infertility treatment out there…

Truth Is This...

Seized Period Can Be Restored....

Not With The Help Of Drugs Or Supplements... They Cause More Damage…

But... knowing ‘exactly’ what to eat, and ‘how to purify your water naturally’ can help your body to heal.

You don’t need drugs or supplements, rather natural ingredients that can be found around you.

Simple home made teas have the power to heal your body…

  • I will show you step by step how to make a powerful drink that would help you restore your period back quickly!!!
  • I will give you a 30 days meal time-table on foods that would help you overcome this issue (they are even cheaper to follow and they are our Nigerian foods)
  • I will show you how to make a very powerful drink that would completely reduce your cravings for food and drinks in less than 7 days (lots of people lose massive weight taking this drink alone)

I Will Show You Step-By-Step How… make these potent and powerful drinks, the kind of food to avoid and eat, a simple adjustment to their life such as walking 30 minutes daily and observing a particular sleeping routine, and you know what, it changed their life dramatically…

You Will get your seized period back EXCEPT...

If your uterus or ovaries have been removed


Other Bonus Guides

Here's What Each Package Would Do

This is a product that has been known to help reduce your level of stress...

  • ...and also help you control your eating habits.
  • It also helps in getting off free radicals from your system.
  • It balances your pH level, therefore improving your mood.
  • And lots more too numerous to mention

This PACKAGE B provides all nutrients that are necessary for every part of the female body to function.

It provides your body  with nutrients and minerals from calciummagnesiumpotassium to many more minerals that are necessary for your body to start preparing your OVARIAN HEALTH to heal and adjust...

Here is what it contains:

  • Iron: it contains more iron in less calories than meat. Now, if you are having periods and losing lots of blood, there is a high chance that you are deficient in iron.

  • Calcium: huge amounts of calcium which binds to remove toxins from within the colon and naturally build strong bones and teeth. It also helps with enzyme activity.

  • Copper: Gets rid of free radicals in the body and also forms melanin which helps our skin and hair. There are claims it can make grey hair return to its natural colour!

  • Manganese: produces sex hormones

  • Magnesium: it is natural to be low on this one. Too little and we get cramps, soreness, tension and more stiffness in the body.

  • Selenium

  • B6: helps to reduce stress and many more too numerous to mention...
  • The Ingredients Required To Make Alkaline Solution - This Is Less Than =N=200
  • This Drink Helps To Remove Most Of The Toxins That Inhabits Your Body
  • Why The Knowledge of pH Is Vital To Life And Especially To Conceiving
  • 3 Step-By-Step Methods To Make The Alkaline Solution (Each Method Still Cost Less Than =N=200)
  • List of Over 100 Alkaline Foods That You Must Begin To Eat If You Want To See Results Fast
  • List Of Over 100 Acidic Foods That You Must Avoid If You Want To See Results Fast (These Are The Foods Causing Your Cervical Mucus To Kill Off Sperms)
  • Healthy Eating Habits That Will Ensure You Are Living Healthy.
  • How To Cook Your Vegetables And Other Cooking Methods That Ensures The Nutrients In Your Food Is Preserved
  • Water Drinking habits You Must Follow For Healthy Living. (If You Are Not Drinking According To Your Size, You Are Doing Yourself Grievous Harm.
  • Why You Must Avoid Any Drink, Water Or Beverages That Are In Plastic Containers
  • A Little Solution That Can Turn Any Water Into Ionized Water (Great For Health).
  • And many more
  • Foods To Eat - The Benefits Derive From Eating These Foods Outweighs Taking All The Supplements In The World (They Are Also Our Nigerian Foods)
  • Drinks To Make Every Day - If Still Use Antibiotics When You Have Infection, You Are Doing Damages To Your Immune System, These Are Drinks That Would Ensure Your Immune System Are Active To Fight Off Infections Naturally!
  • Fruits To Eat - Are You Trying To Conceive And You Are Still Eating Pineapple or Unripe Pawpaw?
  • And many more like food, fruits and other habits to avoid...


  • The first two packages are physical packages and would be delivered in 5 to 7 business days to your doorstep.  
  • The others are soft copies that would be delivered immediately to you via email/whatsapp or any other means you choose 
  • Immediately after your payment, you will get the soft copies delivered to your email while you get the packages delivered in 5 – 7 business days

Judging by the value of all the above that you will get tonight, I could easily ask for #50,000 - #70,000) because it took me years of research to find the solution to this problem.

But I know the pains most women have passed through in the hands of their neighbours, and even family members who have made them a laughing stock!

You won't need to pay for #65,000  or #55,000  or even #43,000 if you act fast!!!

This is because I don't manufacture Product A or Product B, so price of these products flunctuate...

So if you are ready RESTORE YOUR CEASED OR IRREGULAR PERIODS once and for all today!!!...

You will only pay ...

#39,999 ONLY


STEP 1:  send a text message containing the following:

ii. HOME/ OFFICE ADDRESS (Where You Want The Package To Be Sent To)


As soon as SMS is received, I will call you within the hour

NOTE: You Will Get Delivery of your physical packages in 3 to 7 business days...


STEP 1 : You Can Call Me On the number below to make your request manually, but note, I would ask you of the following details:

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Name of payment to: 


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Coach Emu Omoaovowere

Your Infertility, Health & Wellness Coach

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