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Dear Friend,

First, infertility is not a disease or sickness.

The reason why you are struggling to conceive is because of the fact that you are ignoring the MIND-BODY CONNECTION, and you have not yet learn to pay attention to it.

Listen, you see, I have met many women like you, I have been able to help them because they allowed me to help them understand the connection between the mind and the body, and I am going to help you understand this as well.

There is no known drug that can solve the problem of infertility at a go, this is due to the singular fact the cause of infertility is different for each woman.

Likewise, many doctors have classified symptoms as causes thereby making it very difficult for women to actually know the causes of their infertility.

To find a permanent solution to the problem of infertility, it starts with knowing the cause of your infertility in the first place.

The cause can be discovered mainly by the symptoms associated with it.

There are thousands of proof by Scientists all over the world that:

Diet Plays A Huge Role In Every Successful Infertility Treatment!!!

This is one thing missing in nearly all infertility treatment out there…

Before I go deep, let me tell you about Mrs. Abigail

Mrs. Abigail before she joined my program has used every kind of drugs and all kinds of supplements that promised to get rid of her infertility.

According to her doctor, she had fibroid, and the only option given to her was for her to surgically remove the fibroid, something she totally refused to do at first.

She began buying various drugs and supplements that promised to totally get rid of the fibroid, some even said she would see the fibroid tissues coming out of her body when she is on her period.

She Tried Everything... Everything She Saw And Tested...

Wasted thousands and thousands of naira, but unfortunately, the fibroid was still there and didn’t reduce one bit…

She decided to go for fibroid surgery, and in 2012, she did the surgery and the fibroid was removed. It was a painful experience, but she believed that would be the end of her problems.

Then the first year came and the second year, then the fifth year… 

Mrs. Abigail Didn't Conceive...

She went back to her doctor, only to discover that she still had fibroid. Her doctor explained to her that another set of fibroid had grown…

You see, what they did not tell Mrs. Abigail and many other women going for fibroid operation is that, fibroid re-grows.


The growth of fibroid is determined by the kind of food and liquids you put into your mouth.


Hormones have a large role they play in the development of fibroid in your system. Emotions like anger, frustration, depression, sadness have a way of causing your hormones to become imbalance, and thereby feeding your fibroid.

Stress is the number one enemy of every women trying to conceive; especially emotional stress, and psychological stress…

Some of these drugs you take have side effects that spikes your hormones, and serve as a means of growing your fibroid.

Foods like bread; drinks like soft drinks; and even meat would feed your fibroid.

Your fibroid can be operated upon like 4 times like the case of Mrs. Grace and it would still grow as long as you keep eating these foods, taking those drinks, and still living an unhealthy lifestyle

I have been able to help women shrink their fibroid naturally, only because they decide to allow their body heals from the various effects of the drugs they have taken in the past, and also their willingness to want to GO NATURAL.

Take A Look At Our Grannies...

The infertility issue we face today is as a result of some many of the unnatural foods we consume today.

Most of the food we eat in Nigeria are 80% acidic due to the preservative methods and growing methods that were employed!

Most of these foods are planted with herbicides, pesticides to keep away pests from destroying the crops, fertilizers.

Most of the canned foods you purchase in the store today are products that contains preservatives (to make the product have a longer shelf life) and addictives (chemical added to make you crave for them) example is soft drink…

The quality of water we have today, are especially poor….

But then, knowing ‘exactly’ what to eat, and ‘how to purify your water naturally’ can help your body to heal.

You don’t need drugs or supplements, rather natural ingreidents that can be found around you.

Simple home made teas have the power to heal your body…

Over the years, since 2016, I have taught, coached, and instructed women step by step how to make these potent and powerful drinks, the kind of food to avoid and eat, a simple adjustment to their life such as walking 30 minutes daily and observing a particular sleeping routine, and you know what, it changed their life dramatically…

Don’t take my words for it, look at the testimonies below:

I will show you step by step how to make a powerful drink that would shrink your fibroid in less than 3 to 12 months (no surgery, no drugs, no supplements)

I will give you a 30 days meal time-table on foods that would help you overcome this issue (they are even cheaper to follow and they are our Nigerian foods)

I will show you how to make a very powerful drink that would completely reduce your cravings for food and drinks in less than 7 days (lots of people lose massive weight taking this drink alone)

Who Is Coach Emu

My name is Omoavowere Emu. I am a naturopath (one who find solution to health problems using natural means), fertility expert and nutritionist. Over 10,000 women have joined my program and found solution, I am also waiting to add your testimony to these list.

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