If You Have Been Trying To Conceive For Years Now, Read This Letter To End & Find Out How Easily It Would Be For You!!!"

If You Have HYPERPROLACTINEMIA (high Prolactin), Irregular Menstrual Period, No Periods, HORMONAL IMBALANCE, or unknown cases of Infertility! This is the most important page you would read this year!

What If You Have A Way To Deal With Infertility From The Root? This Is The Way That Deals With The PROBLEM FROM THE ROOT and not just taking care of the SYMPTOMS... You ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT~

Dear TTC Woman, 

Are You Trying To Conceive?

My name is Coach Emu and I’m so excited to write you this letter.

Presently, I am standing outside the balcony of my house and glancing at the time on my laptop is exactly 1:17am, Monday, Midnight.

This is to show you how important this letter is.

Since 2016, I have helped countless women like you conceive without drugs ( I will show you proof at the end of this letter) but by mere making a drink and working on their diet…


The process, to some women, was confusing, while at the same time had to put me in a lot of stress, as I had to create a whatsapp support group to help these women do what is right.

It was in the quest to find a NATURAL, SIMPLE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE means to permanently helping women who are TTC get pregnant that led me to begin a new research on the 4th of January, 2019.

After countless nights, I found an amazing herb grown on the Meditterian that have a whole lot of benefit for Women Trying To Conceive.

It Is Amazing For:

  • Balancing of hormones
  • Regulating Irregular Cycle
  • Reduction and total elimination of high prolactin 

 But…there is a problem...

This herb cannot easily be found, and on the website I got it, it was sold for about $200 (#78,000+); this is minus the shipping and handling etc.

I nearly gave up, because I was already excited about the potentials this herb had, until I decided to try and see if I can find another alternative, and then I stumbled upon the reason why I am writing this page.

Then I found not just an alternative but the "best option”

One That Doesn't...

  • Require you to follow a boring or confusing routine...
  • Have any complication as they produce it exactly the way it is – NATURAL minus chemicals of any kind...


This herb is exactly processed in its natural form to work effectively as its raw form without—ANY SIDE EFFECTS whatsoever!

That is:

  • It would balance your hormones
  • It would restore irregular menstrual cycle
  • It would reduce and eliminate hyperprolactinemia

This is because it goes to the root of the issue (the pituitary gland) and ‘repair’ the damage caused over the years!

Today, many women are suffering over what can be take of easily—but the medical field have taken advantage by making billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies.

Imagine just taking this pill for 90 days and you begin to see result in days! Yes, just few days from today! That’s how powerful this pill is.

 You don’t believe me? See these testimonies below: 

 Women See Result In Days!

This is a dietary supplement which supplements your diet;


...as long as you are eating right (I prepared a 30 days meal plan for you as a bonus), you will be surprised at the effect you will witness just like the women who have used this!

I Know What You Are Thinking!

This Might Be Another Of these Network Marketing Crap!

This capsule is not from any of the network marketing (Since 2016, I have never sold one network marketing supplements etc because I don’t do network marketing)

So be rest assured that this is not from GNLD, Longrich, Cellgevity, or any network market companies in Nigeria or anywhere overseas...

...and this is why it works so effectively because from my guess, the company is still growing.

But Then...

Unfortunately, as at now, I have only 30 Bottles of this potent capsule left with me...

...they are presently on my desk as I am typing this letter, as I just ordered a few (35 bottles to be precise) and tested it out and got amazing feedback!

 Each bottle contains 100 capsules!

Each of these capsule is packed with supplement, minerals and vitamins that promotes:

  • Regulation of mood swings in women with PMS
  • Regulates your menstural cycle
  • Prevention of Miscarriages in women with low levels of hormones called Progesterone.

And I will show you exactly how to take these for the next 90 days—to achieve maximum results LIKE PATIENCE!


One bottle can serve you for 3 months—90 days non-stop!

Aside this capsule, I also have other bonuses for the first 30 people to snatch up these bottles: they are …


This Is How To Make A Powerful Drink That Completely Fix A Lot Of Things Wrong In Your Body In 2 - 4 Weeks!!!"  

It Is A Simple #300 Home-Made, Easy-to-Make Drink That Can Give You The Following Benefits:

  • Eliminates Cravings For Soft Drinks The Body (Which Provides Energy)
  • Eliminates Cravings For Sugary Things
  • Helps You Control Your Appetite
  • Helps You Drink More Water (to stay hydrated)
  • Eliminates Toxins From Your System
  • Even Helps You Lose Weight in DAYS!!!

This drink cost #300 or less To Make For 3 Person, even for the Whole 2 - 4 weeks you would be using it...

It is so easy and simple to make that:


  • #1 - It takes only 2 minutes to make
  • #2 - It is easier to make, even a 3 year-old can make it
  • #3 - The item to make this drink is cheap (at most #300) and can be found easily, even though it costs #6000 in Jumia. (I will Show You Where to get it around you for #300 or less, even if you live under a rock!)

This e-book Will Also Teach you:  

  • 1 - How To Make This Drink Step-by-Step ...
  • 2 - Where To Get The "Single" Ingredient Needed To Make This Drink for just #300 or Less, even if you live under a rock! ...
  • 3 - The 3 Different Variety Of This Drink You Can Make (If You Are Trying To Lose Weight, number 2 would make you lose weight very fast) ...

The thing is that, "Over 75% Of Women Who Bought This Guide Already Have The Item To Make This Drink At Home!  

*** This drink is natural

*** This drink is very effective

*** This drink is not bitter  

Infact, It takes less than 60 seconds to make this drink from start to finish...

I will show you step by step how to make this drink in this guide above…

Anyone can make at the comfort of their homes without paying anyone a dime...

BONUS 2: 30 Days Fertility Boosting Meal Plan

 This guide contains over 30 days meal time-table.  

It would also show you:

  •  #1 - Foods that are acidic; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be hostile ...
  •  #2 - Foods that are alkaline; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be friendly ...
  • #3 - It has what is known as "liquid diet" this is the kind of food you are to eat especially when you are ovulating....
  • #4 - A 30 days’ meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner ...
  • #5 -  Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) ...
  • #6 - and many more ...

BONUS 3: Menstural Cycle & Ovulation Guide

I am still shocked how most women can't ACCURATELY calculate EXACTLY when they ovulate...

They have been sold the lies that every woman sees their OVULATION on DAY 14, but that's not true... Different women have different cycles and that would determine when they ovulate

In this guide: 

I explained this using a diagram:

  • It would expose you to When Your Fertility Period Would Be
  • How to Accurately Calculate Your Menstrual Cycle
  • How To Accuarately Determine Your Ovulation Period
  • How To Know Your Fertile Period Etc.

BONUS 4: The Ultimate Do It Yourself Guide To Get Pregnant Fast!

This guide contains little known secret that most women who are Trying To Conceive Has never known.

It contains FERTILITY MIRACLE DRINKS that can increase your chances of Conceiving!

Please Note: This Bonus Is Only for the People WHO PAY Right Now & NOT FOR THOSE WHO DO PAY ON DELIVERY!


Because, I am rewarding those who trust me... This is a little token of my appreciation for trusting me enough to make payment before getting delivery...

I would also send these guides to you immediately your payment is confirmed!


There are two options listed below: 




(Including Shipping & Handling charges To Your Doorstep!)

I will personally use my own money to send it to you wherever you are in the Nigeria (and I sincerely hope you don’t abuse this opportunity; so as not to spoil it for other women who really needs this out there)!

So Fill The Form Below:

(Please and please, if you are not ready, or you don’t have the cash at hand, please and please, don’t fill the form

Do Not worry, I have made orders for about 100 bottles from the company but I might sell it higher due to the fact that I would have a whole lot of orders that I might not be able to handle, and it won’t be a paid on delivery service)! TAKE NOTE!

Depending on your location, you will get delivery of your package in 1 - 7 Business Days



(Including Shipping & Handling charges + ALL BONUSES GUIDES LISTED ABOVE!)

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of #20,750 to the Bank Below:

BankGuaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Emu Omoavowere.
Account No: 001-518-2068

Also fill the form below before you close this page!

Depending on your location, you will get delivery of your package in 1 - 3 Business Days


  • The bottle containing 120 Capsules (to last you 90 days without buying another) - OPTION ONE & OPTION TWO
  • The Alkaline Powder Bottle - OPTION ONE & OPTION TWO
  • A step by step guide on how to use it (soft copy) OPTION ONE & OPTION TWO
  • The alkaline solution (soft copy) OPTION ONE & OPTION TWO
  • The 30 days meal plan (soft copy) OPTION ONE & OPTION TWO
  • The Menstrual and ovulation guide (soft copy) OPTION TWO ONLY
  • The Miracle Fertility Drink (soft copy) OPTION TWO ONLY

Thank you for your time, and I sincerely pray that today will mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life and family. Amen

To finally getting rid of infertility,
Coach Emu
09033644587 (call or Whatsapp)

P.S. This capsule is very good for those who have HYPERPROLACTINEMIA (high Prolactin), Irregular Menstrual Period, No Periods, HORMONAL IMBALANCE, or unknown cases of Infertility!

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