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The ancient man had no problem with nature and life in general…

Same with our great grandfather’s, and all this was due to the fact that they lived according to nature

From morning till sunset, you will see them doing their job, trade or farm work..

There was nothing interfering with the course of nature like what we have today…

Cellphone, television, Telemundo, football, internet, Facebook etc

They had a good night rest and they had no problem with giving birth… It was that easy

Nothing was messing up their hormones.

The only sex style known to them was the missionary style

Their sleep pattern was only night, which is the only time that our cell regeneration and repair can actually function without interruption

According to a scientific Journal, Fertility and Sterility, they recently published an article which espousedĀ  that, mothers prenatal sleep habits had far-reaching consequences on their offspring

That there is a relationship between sleep and other disorders like depression, which also has a direct impact on your body’s hormone levels.

Meaning, if you are not getting enough sleep, it might have adverse effect on your fertility.

You see, when your body sleeps, it is busy repairing cells and regulating hormones.

One of such hormones produced during sleep is called MELATONIN.

Melatonin helps regulate your sleep/wake cycles.

It also helps protect eggs against harmful entities such as free radicals.

Without adequate sleep, eggs can become damaged and rejected by the body, causing diminished fertility and possibly even miscarriage.

Another reproductive hormone impacted by sleep is LEPTIN

LEPTIN is mostly known as an appetite-regulating hormone, but it also plays a role in ovulation

When LEPTIN production isĀ  compromised, menstrual cycles can become irregular

Sleep if compromised can lead to stress and stress is as a result of the hormones mentioned above not being produced enough which can have a direct impact on affecting your fertility

So not getting enough sleep like 6 – 8hours have a lot of role to play when it comes to depression, pain, stress, weight gain, increase of anxiety, and memory loss

But that’s not the worst thing… Here is the worst thing….

It is not the length of sleep that matters but rather your sleeping position

And your sleeping position can have a big impact on your health

There are certain sleeping position that ensures you sleep on your organs

There are others that results to waking up with body pain, neck pain or even back pain

Meaning, your sleep position can cut your life short

Now suppose you wake up and you experience back pain, this simply means you have been lying on your stomach

Lying on your stomach is one of the worst and most dangerous sleeping position you can ever sleep in

This position is associated with serious health issues like sleeping on your organs

Forcing your neck to be in a rotated, closed pack, tight position which compromises your breathing and oxygen circulation

This position is not ever encouraged, except you don’t mind having a saggy breast likewise

There are actually other sleeping positions, but sleeping on your chest is dangerous to men, talk more of women…

As you balance all your weight on your organs… And for those who eat late, these are usually the cause of acid reflux

The next sleeping position, which is fairly OK, is sleeping on your back

This is actually called the Star fish position

Where you lie on your back and your legs are spread apart

This position is great for balancing out your body weight, keeping your internal organs aligned and preventing neck and back pain

But there are some of us that can turn like turn-tables during the night

So these people, can simply place a pillow under their knees to help in maintaining proper alignment of your back

But there is a but to this position….

If you snore before, in this position, your snore will be a gear three grade

Now, so many sleep researchers have carried out lots of research and discovered that there is one best sleeping position that guarantees your sleep quality and health

And that is sleeping on your side

But then here is another problem,

When you sleep on your right side, you are sleeping on your organs…

This also will cause body pain, and problem with acid reflux

So the best position to sleep is sleeping on your left side

This according to sleep researchers is the most recommended sleep position and there are two types of left side sleeping positions

Here you sleep on your left side with your back straight and your knees bent

This is the best position

This position has the following benefits

    • It make digestive traits clean
    • It controls the blood circulation.
    • It provides mental relaxation and de-stressing
    • It repair cells and keep them active
    • It increases memory power
    • It correct bad posture
  • It strengthen your immune system

Another position which is called the yearners position

You sleep on your side with your arms stretched out

You can place a pillow under you knees in both position

This position has no implications on your health and help you sleep deep without any pains the next day

For those who fight “Jackie Chan” while sleeping or “drive trailer” should manage to learn a different position

You can use pillow to maintain your position

So as you are trying to conceive, here are the things to put in mind…

Make sure you sleep 6 – 8 hours in the night

If you are finding it difficult to sleep, please sleep without lights

Make sure you drink enough water during the day and do not drink much water to avoid standing up and peeing in the night

When you eat, eat light and eat four hours before your bedtime

Maintain a particular bed time routine either sleep 9 to 5am or 10 to 6pm

So if you want to avoid saggy breast… Sleep with a wrapper tied around your waist, and you know what to do when oga come calling


The worst sleeping position is sleeping on your chest…

The next one is sleeping on your right hand side

Another position that is okay is sleeping on your back, but snorers would not allow their neighbors to sleep

While the best position is sleeping on your left hand side

It is not easy to change from one position to another, but you just have to learn it now, because that’s the position you will sleep when you get pregnant which is beneficial for both mum and baby inside

The quality of sleep you have would determine how fast your body heals

So add diet, exercise to this mix and you will ever hardly fall sick

Ask your questions in the comment box below…

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  1. This sleeping position and time, almost everything here is an eye opener. I have really gained a lot. God bless you real good. Thank you.

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