Being Smart Won’t Help You Conceive


Over a few days, we have received a lot of mocking statements on our page, stating “how you can eat any kind of food and you would conceive…”

There’s no denying that, many people can eat lots of food and get pregnant, but not everyone is lucky to be this blessed.

Our grandfather ate the kind of food we ate, that’s true…

…but the quality of the food they ate was way higher than what we are eating today…

Most people are walking corpses… Continue reading Being Smart Won’t Help You Conceive


When after many attempts at making a baby seems to be failing, it is not uncommon to find some women go into depression, anxiety or even stress themselves.

The thing, especially in our African culture is that, we have been conditioned by society and culture to believe that a couple is only normal as long as they have ‘tiny-patters’ (child-ren) running around the house.

When a woman is trying to get pregnant, everywhere she turns, she begin to see people with children, a baby always smiling at her, a woman carrying a baby close to her, lots of baby bumps (pregnant women) walking all around, and then she begins to think she is different. Continue reading WHAT TO DO WHEN WAITING


Good day,

The truth of everything here is this:

Nobody can help you. Not a doctor, not me, not anybody, except you…

I can only show you what to do, it is left for you to want to desire the result so bad that you would want to do it.

I have met so many women who complains about how much weight they lose when they start taking the alkaline solution, and when I ask them if they want to stop, some actually want to because they say, “People think I am sick…” Continue reading WHY ONLY YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF


Good day!


The ancient man had no problem with nature and life in general…

Same with our great grandfather’s, and all this was due to the fact that they lived according to nature

From morning till sunset, you will see them doing their job, trade or farm work..

There was nothing interfering with the course of nature like what we have today… Continue reading HEALTHY & UNHEALTHY SLEEPING POSITIONS

Helen’s Story: Testimony 28th April 2018

Welcome to a.k.a FertilitySolution

My name is Coach Emu.

Yesterday, April 28th, 2017… One of the women I have been coaching on infertility issue contacted me exactly 1:28pm…

We had the below conversation…

But that’s not how it started…

…Here’s Helen True Story…

Continue reading Helen’s Story: Testimony 28th April 2018

Infertility: It was All In Her Soap

Good day,

It was in all her soap…

You see, I have made the most ridiculous request from women and at times when some of them read what I write, they are surprised to hear me make such request…

You see, on March 2nd, I began a new group… (Every single month, I start this group in order to reach many women as possible)

Then I ask anyone joining two questions….

1. Do you have infection?

2. Do you have fibroid or any other issue? Continue reading Infertility: It was All In Her Soap

4 Major Reasons Why Infertility Occur

Now imagine if you could turn back the Hands of time and go back to when you were 15 years old…

What would you have done differently?

Would it have been about your decisions? your health issue? or about the actions you have come to regret this day?

This is what we would be talking about today!

You see, no matter what disease or health challenge you have, whether it is infertility, cancer, diabetes, asthma, herpes,pimples, you name it. The cure is the same because the cause is the same…

Please stay with me, let me explain…

You see, every health challenge or problem you have health-wise is as a result of one or a combination of these four reasons listed as follows: Continue reading 4 Major Reasons Why Infertility Occur

MISCARRIAGE: Causes & Prevention

Truth Be Told, You Can’t Prevent Miscarriage, But What You Can Do Is Prepare Yourself Not To Experience It.

It is painful enough for one to pass through the rigorous monitoring of menstrual period,  ovulation period and ovulation day,  and getting pregnant and only to lose such…

God forbid!!!

So here, tonight,  I would be showing you causes of miscarriages and…

*** How to ensure you never have it!

*** Foods to eat in each trimesters that helps

*** Foods to avoid

*** And other important information you need to know Continue reading MISCARRIAGE: Causes & Prevention