"Half A Teaspoon Of The Powder (shown in the image below) Can Do The Following..."

  • Kill Off Cravings For Foods
  • Kill Off Cravings For Soft Drink
  • Help You Control How You Eat
  • Balances Your pH Levels
  • Helps You Lose Weight
  • Remove All Toxins That Inhabits The Body
  • Boost Your Libido In As Less Than 8 Days From Today
  • Improve Your Period, especially if it is not flowing well, or has an abnormal colour!
  • Helps you Lose weight effortlessly! No Gym. No Exercise!

My name is Emu Omoavowere. Most women call me Coach Emu!

For the past three years (since 2016) I have helped lots of women put their system into a state where conception became easy for them to achieve! 

Right Now, I am about to show you how to make a simple, and yet powerful, potent drink called the ALKALINE SOLUTION from the comfort of your home!

This drink is so powerful, especially for women who are trying to get pregnant, that it can do the following for any woman who make this drink and take for the next 28 days...

  • It would balance your pH level: too much acidity in your system leads to sperm leakage after sex, hostile or abnormal cervical mucus and even uncontrolled cravings...

  • It would help you control cravings for foods and drinks: Many people Do not know that their irresistible cravings for sugary drinks and foods are as a result of high level or acidity in their system!

  • It would boost your metabolism: the alkaline solution will improve your metabolism and help you digest food *10 times faster!

  • It would help you lose weight: Imagine if you can make this drink and after drinking it, you'd feel fuller through out the day even when you don't eat anything...

  • How many glasses of water do you drink daily? Well, the alkaine solution will help you improve in your water drinking habits and it would help you drink water and stay hydrated!

  • You won't spend more than #500 to make this drink for the next 28 days you would be drinking it.

  • It is natural: The Alkaline Powder Helps in restoring your system back to a state of homeostasis (like when you were a baby)! 

  • Do you have low libido? Have you want your libido to be raging like a bull that has just been unleashed? This drink will make you horny and would make you enjoy sex like you were a teenager!

  • Do you have an odour that you don't like oozing from down below? I will show you how to make this disappear in just a few days from today, still using this same alkaline solution!

You See All The Benefits Listed Above Are Not As Great As The Single Fact That:

It takes less than 2 MINUTE to make it:

  • This drink is not bitter
  • It is easy to make that even your 3-year-old would make it without any problem
  • It is Natural - and have no side effect Whatsoever!
  • This drink is very effective!

I am tempted to fill this page with TESTIMONIES (over 1000+) but  I Would Include A Link At The Bottom Of The Page That Would Lead You To Where The Testimonials Of Women Who Have Used The alkaline solution is...

Be Warned, it contains over 300+ Testimonies From 2016 Till Date!

"Aside The Alkaline Powder, Here Are Other Bonuses I have Specially Included For You Today!"

This Guide Contains:

  • 3 different step by step methods to make the alkaline solution.
  • The List of over 100 foods that are alkaline - food you should eat more of
  • List of over 100 foods that are acidic - food you must avoid if you want your cervical mucus to be less hostile..
  • Eating habits that will ensure you are living healthy: These are the habits that would ensure you lose weight naturally without even trying...
  • Foods you should avoid: They are the causes of toxins in your body. If you keep eating them, you are feeding the bacteria responsible for damaging your health.
  • How to cook your vegetables and other cooking methods that ensures the nutrients in your food is preserved
  • Water drinking habits you must follow for healthy living
  • Why you must avoid any drink, water or beverages that are in plastic (plastic bottles)
  • And many more on how to Eat clean and live clean...

Your Choice Of Diet - Drinks & Food Have A Role To Play In How Healthy Your Ovarian Health Would Be... This Guide Contains A 30-Days-Fertility Meal Boosting Timetable!

  • This guide contains over 30 days meal timetable. 

    • It talks about food to eat and avoid during your ovulation period
    • It has what is known as "liquid diet" this is the kind of food you are to eat especially when you are ovulating.
    • A 30 days meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) and many more 

    It would also show you: 

    • Foods that are acidic; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be hostile
    • Foods that are alkaline; these foods causes your vaginal environment to be friendly
    • A 30 days’ meal plan, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Food eating habits that are either making your body unhealthy (acidic) or healthy (alkaline) and many more


It is worth more than that amount, but then I am not going to ask you for its worth...



!!!#12,999 ONLY!!!
(Other State Outside Lagos)



!!!#11,999 ONLY!!!
(Lagos State Only)

This Price Is Just For A Short Period Of Time...Take Note.


  • THE ALKALINE POWDER (Physical Product) delivered to Your address
  • You Will Get "HOW TO MAKE THE ALKALINE SOLUTION GUIDE" (soft copy to be delivered via email or whatsapp)
  • You Will Get "30 Days Meal Plan" Which Shows You Exactly What Food Are Causing Damages & Foods That Would Heal Your Body. (soft copy to be delivered via email or whatsapp)
  • You Will Get Access To Me on WHATSAPP & JOIN MY WHATSAPP PRIVATE GROUP For As Long As Possible Where I Will Follow You Up As Well... 


For The Above Price

P.S. You are covered by my 100% TAKE-IT-TO-THE-BANK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I would refund every single penny you paid for this package if it does not produce the exact result I claimed on this page!

!!!Interested? Click The Link Below!!!

P.S.S. I wanted to show you Three Years Testimonies of those who have used this ALKALINE SOLUTION, Below >>> 

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