Are You Trying To Conceive? These Are The 8 Mistakes Most TTC WOMEN MAKE...

"TTC MUM: Fix These Mistakes & You'll Have  A Higher Chance Of Conceiving Fast!"

I Will Show You Exactly How To Conceive Naturally If You Read This Letter To The End...I Have Various Usable Tips You Can Use Right Now On This Page

Dear Struggling TTC Mum,

First, my name is Omoavowere Emu.  

I am a naturopath (I help people find a natural way of solving health challenges); a fertility doctor and a nutritionist.

I have communicated with over 30,000 women like you; hundreds have conceived, so I believe I am one who is authorized to tell you these…

Many women trying to conceive makes these mistakes, and I am sure you also make one or more of these mistakes as well.

Not Knowing Where The Issue Lies...

The first thing you would ever do is “Knowing what the cause of the infertility is” and this can be done by going for a test.

No one can help anyone else until they know where the problem lies…

If you haven’t gone for a test yet, go for one; just find a reputable hospital and run a test.

Doing Too Many Things At The Same Time...

First, Confusion breeds anarchy.

Learn to focus on one thing first before trying another. Most of the women I know try A for the first few days and then read about something else another woman says worked and then try B while still on A.

In Medicine, certain drugs can counter the effect of other drugs; so, it is time to stop trying to do everything at the same time.

Focus on one till you see result or if you don’t see result, you can move on to something else

Trying Different Dangerous Things...

This relates to the point made above.

What is the composition of that drink, herb, concoction you are taking?

What about the ones you end up buying or being recommended to you by another woman or through some fancy adverts on the internet?

How about the supplement that they tell you can take care of all infertility issue once taken?

The truth is, some of these compositions might contains dangerous things you might not be aware of; it is also possible this mixture you consume affects other parts of your system.

Take a break and let your system rest for a while.

Not Involving Their Partners...

According to a research, it was discovered female infertility was one-third, male infertility was one-third while unknown causes was one-third as well.

Not getting your partner involved is another mistake most women are making.

Your partner has to run sperm analysis tests as well. If he has low sperm count, no mater how much you both try to conceive, you won’t get pregnant until that is fixed.

Aside that, it could be possible he has infection as well, and once you were fully taken care of, all it takes is just having sexual contact with him and he infects you again.

You also need his support as this has a long way of adding the needed moral support as this has a long way of adding the needed moral support that can help keep you sane and your hormones from going haywire.

So, make a point to involve your partner.

Being Desperate & Frustrated...

Imagine a still water, then a stone is thrown into the water; you can see the ripple effect that would have on the whole water; it would disrupt its calmness.

Same thing with your hormones, if you have heard of hormonal imbalance, it simply means your hormones are getting out of control;

A woman with fibroid feeds the fibroid with the excess estrogens produced by these hormones (including her diet and the quality of drink she takes daily)

You need to take control of your emotions.

Whatever you cannot solve by worry, then don’t worry about it. Find the best way to get a ‘workable’ solution to it.

Emotions like anger, sadness, depression, frustration and other negative attributes will cause further imbalance that would set you back.

Sleep well, read, relax and be stress free.

Not Watching Your Diet..

The quality of food you eat and the quality of liquid you consume on a daily basis will determine the quality of your health at any point in time.

If you are trying to conceive, your system must always be alkaline (healthy); an acidic system will cause issues to the sperm.

Sperm cannot thrive in a body or environment that is acidic; that is why women experience sperm leakage (where the sperm leaks out after sex).

Taking a bottle of coke in a few minutes can make your vaginal environment hostile to sperm; using lubrication like spit or other kind of oil can make your cervical mucus hostile to sperm.

Watch your diet; eat alkaline foods mostly.

Nothing will work if you don’t take your diet into consideration.

Not Knowing How To Calcuate Your Ovulation & Menstrual Cycle...

Most women who have unknown causes of infertility mostly falls into this category.

Getting pregnant is a game of numbers; you are not always fertile. In fact, you have ONLY 6 DAYS in your cycle that your probability of getting pregnant is very high…

…these days are known as your ovulation period (fertile period).

Most women are told their ovulation day is day 14.

This is not true, because, different women have different cycle.

A woman whose cycle is 21 days will have a shorter ovulation day, and a woman whose cycle is 35 days will have a longer ovulation day, usually day 21

So, if a woman who goes by day 21 or day 35 follows the same pattern of a woman with day 28, she will miss her ovulation day (the day she is most fertile).

The fertile period on the other hand is jut 6 DAYS out your menstrual cycle.

You must also know how to calculate your menstrual cycle; day one is the day you see your period till the day before you will see the next period—that makes it one cycle.

Knowing if your cycle is regular or not would help you completely time your ovulation period and day; and this can also help in determining the sex of your baby if you desire a particular gender.

Googling Their Symptoms First...

More than half of the world’s population are suffering from diseases they don’t have—all because they ‘googled’ their symptoms.

Please, don’t cause yourself unnecessary depression; you have to be sure about what the problem is by visiting a gynecologist or see a qualified doctor—this is the first step to combating infertility.

There are so many wrong self-acclaimed ‘so-called experts’ who gives out ‘unscientific’ information that have caused many people more harm than good.

Leave google to other issues but not to your health, until you know the causes; then you can make your own research if you choose to, and not the other way around.

 Here's A Summary...

Simply start one step at a time; and here's how to start...

This is first knowing where the issue is (by running a test in a reputable hospital)

Then start working on cleaning up your diet, eliminate toxins from your system and living a healthy lifestyle…

Then completely finding a permanent, and natural solution to the issue you found out in stage One...

Simply put, no matter the issue your test presented to you; fibroid, infection, Sperm leakage, ovarian Cysts, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis etc…

Your first step, irrespective of whatever the issue is to start working on your diet...

There are foods that are acidic, that causes problems to your body and to your ovarian health; find a way to eliminate these...

And there are foods that are alkaline, that are beneficial to your health and your body; begin to consume these types

I Have Helped Thousands Of Women Conceive Naturally, No drugs, no supplements & I can Help You As Well, Irrespective Of The Cause Of The Infertility...

But, I will Hold You by the hand and show you how to make the most powerful drink & Food to eat and avoid to increase your chances of conceiving fast

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