4 Major Reasons Why Infertility Occur

Now imagine if you could turn back the Hands of time and go back to when you were 15 years old…

What would you have done differently?

Would it have been about your decisions? your health issue? or about the actions you have come to regret this day?

This is what we would be talking about today!

You see, no matter what disease or health challenge you have, whether it is infertility, cancer, diabetes, asthma, herpes,pimples, you name it. The cure is the same because the cause is the same…

Please stay with me, let me explain…

You see, every health challenge or problem you have health-wise is as a result of one or a combination of these four reasons listed as follows:

1. Toxins in your body

2. Nutritional Deficiencies

3. Exposure To Electromagnetic Chaos

4. Mental Or Emotional Stress

This is in fact the cause of all illness and disease.

The cure is simply to correct these imbalances…

Meaning, the key is to make sure your body’s pH is alkaline

Before we continue further, let me explain what pH is…

pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen.

Science studentsswould understand this, but I will explain it in a lay term.

The pH is measured from 0 to 14…

Anything from 0 – 7 is acidic, and a body that falls in between these number is unhealthy

Anything from 7 – 14 is alkaline, and a body that falls above 7.3 to 7.45 is alkaline and there is healthy

Acidity is one of the reason you are having irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalances and infertility problem

You see, every food, drink and drugs you put into your mouth have one of two effects

Alkaline effect or acidic effect

When the body is acidic, it feeds disease causing bacteria and therefore causes imbalance in the body system.

For example, fibroids begins like a cyst..

It grows bit by bit, and the more you feed it with acidic foods e.g.  sugar, alcohol, sphaghetti, EBA, meat etc. These bacteria begins to feed on it and as you take drugs, these drugs which are unnatural also have adverse effects in the body, while feeding these bacteria causing more damages to your system.

Meaning, when the body is acidic, there is the tendency that you can easily get sick…

When the body is alkaline, you virtually can never get sick

In my simple opinion, and from the lots of testimonies we have had here so far, if you are able to turn your body pH from acidic to alkaline, I am of a very high opinion that you can heal yourself of every disease and you can never get sick in the future

Truth be told,

Medical doctors treat symptoms and do not treat the whole person.

Mental stress and emotional stress like pain, grief, heart break can make you fall sick in less than a minute..

This simply proves that drugs do not really heal us, at best they only remove the symptoms and then leave an adverse effect on our liver to take care of.

Drugs simply suppress symptoms by causing the body to do unnatural things.

Drugs do not create balance in the body.

Drugs create a state of imbalance.

Listen, this is important…

You can’t heal the body, only the body can heal itself!

The most you can ever do is assist the body to heal by providing it the “necessary” ingredients to heal itself while eliminating the unnecessary ingredients that will stand in its way of healing itself…

Take a cue from this: we are different individual, but the medical society has scammed us to believe one drug can have the same effect on different people with the same symptoms…

This is a fallacy

You see what could cause Mrs A’s body to be acidic might be dehydration that is not drinking enough water, while Mrs. b could be mental and emotional stress and Mrs C could be the kind of food she is eating

But if these three individuals go to the hospital, base on their description of the symptoms, they would be giving the same drugs.

Our bodies are different.

That’s why one could take paracetamol and be temporarily relieved while another have to take a combination of drugs before they could think they are fine.

Simply put we can return our bodies back to the state of homeostasis (balance) by taking the four aforementioned causes of diseases into mind.

Toxins comes into the body through the kind of food we eat, the kind of water we drink and the kind of drugs we take

When you eat acid-producing food, you give room for sickness and ill health to occur.

Take for example, the woman who is overweight, the kind of meal she eats would be mostly acidic e.g.

  • Meat (that she can only digest 25%) while the others stays in her body feeding these bad bacteria’s
  • Soft drink that dehydrate the body
  • Dehydration: that is, not drinking enough water so that the liver can be able to flush out the toxins
  • Lack of exercise to remove waste through sweat etc

You discover overtime, all these habits begins to make the body fat grow…

Then talk about nutritional deficiencies like the kind of food we eat, when we eat it…


Every food you eat after 8pm does not digest.

It takes days for your body to eliminate a 35cl of soft drink from the body. 

Food like EBA, spaghetti, bread are the leading cause of health challenge in Nigeria.

Then exposure to electromagnetic chaos like television, cellphones, laptops, washing machines, toasters and the different technology we use daily…

Each causing their different level of radiation in our systems causing more problems than we have ever experienced over 2 decades before now.

You then have mental or emotional stress, days of shouting at or being shouted at, the stress of everyday life, meeting up of deadlines, not sleeping well, always thinking of solving one problem or the other.

Each of these have taken a toll in our lives….

That’s why most of us are angry, frustrated, sad and helpless which literally sends messages to our body that all is not well…

These are the main reason for our health challenges and when you go to the hospital, they prescribe ‘drugs’ which is truly not the cure to these imbalances.

But rather it is the combination of one or more of the above reasons that has made our pH level imbalanced


A woman can never be pregnant if she has irregular menstruation…

This is because you won’t be able to calculate your ovulation period…

And when you don’t know your fertile period, you cannot know if the food you are eating is causing your cervical mucus to become acidic.

Merely eating beans or spaghetti can make your cervical mucus acidic, therefore killing the sperms entering your body that day.

Using Spit and Vaseline and other kinds of lubricants are also one of the killers of sperm…

They make your body toxic and your cervical mucus hostile…

The first thing you can ever do to restore your health is to balance your pH and eliminate every acidic-forming fruits or foods from your diet.

See how to balance your pH level fast here, click me

Eliminate stress and eliminate the use of drugs.

Garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger etc can help you restore the damages you have done over the years to your body in just few months…

Antibiotics and contraceptives are the two main drugs that have made many women have infertility problem

There are over 500 women on my WhatsApp groups who have not taken drugs for over few months now and they feel more alive than ever before…

I don’t see anyone having any infertility problem, restore balance to your body and all will be well

Note: it won’t be overnight, neither would it be magical…

It boils down to:

  • Eating the right food
  • Drinking enough water for your body size, stop eating after 8pm, alkalinize your body pH and learn to de-stress…

This is why we created the 3 months program, to show you and explain step by step on how to stop wasting your time, resources and tears in looking for solution where there is none.

Your body is the key… You just have to know how.

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