Whether you want to accept it or not, people are suffering, not because of poverty, corruption but rather because of not having access to information that could transform their life…

The man who came up with the quote, “HEALTH IS WEALTH” is one of the greatest thinkers in this entire universe..

Imagine, if you have all the whole money in the world and yet you can’t spend it all because you are on a sick bed…

Then imagine, just few hundred of naira can help you eliminate toxins before they reach the stage of no-return?

There is a #300 drink that has done amazing things for a lot of people like you who just want to be generally healthy…


How much Will You Buy a Drink That Will Help You Conceive Faster?


Think about it.

All you need is to drink one cup every morning on empty stomach…

Or give it to a loved one who has tried every other method of conceiving but with no results…

Just one cup of this drink for 4 weeks and you’d lose cravings for soft drinks and acidic food.

How much will you pay for it?

Let me let you in on a secret.

EVERY SINGLE day, I receive mails and testimonials from happy women, I have over 300 on my testimonial page on this website

Just 8 days of taking this drink and they are seeing results.

It isn’t luck.

I gave them a drink, i give them results..

something MOST sellers cannot sell.

Stay with me, I’m not bragging. I want you to understand this.

If I say this drink will help you eliminate toxins, lose cravings for soft drink and help you control how you eat, then I most definitely mean what I say.

Don’t you get this?

I want to show you how to make a drink by yourself that would help you make your body alkaline…

I want to take you by the hand, pull the curtain aside, take you to the backyard and show you how to this powerful potent drink that would give you a greater chance at conception…

This is a great Investment.

See, there is a difference between learning something from someone who just talks big talk and someone else who does what he says he does.

Don’t you see?

Some people would make this drink and sell it to you, but I’m going to show you step by step how you would make this yourself…

It is so easy that my 5 year old could do it effectively…

So decide.

***** Do you want to have control over how you eat…

***** Do you want to control your soft drink habits…

***** Do you want to try something natural, new and different?

If yes, the alkaline solution would help you beyond your imagination…

Guess what… For a few days, it’s #3,500 ONLY

Quickly head over to


This Drink Will Kill Your Cravings For Binge Eating

It Will Kill Your Cravings For Sugar

It Will Make You Drink Water More Often

It Will Balance Your pH Level

It Will Eliminate Toxins From Your System

It Would Help You In Controlling Your Appetite

And Many More...

Here’s What Satisfied Customers Are Saying About This Guide!

There are over a 100+ testimonies from satisfied customers… ranging from:

*Restoration of loss of libido

*Weight loss

*Looking younger

*Having no cravings for sugar

*Controlled appetite

*Controlled appetite for soft drinks

and many more…


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My name is Omaovowere Emu. Most women in my program call me Coach Emu. I am a naturopath and I have taught, coached, and instructed several thousands of women all over the world on how to naturally tackle fertility challenges using natural items found around them. I have several success stories and I can't wait to add yours. Emu

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